Football club England’s humiliation → Manchester United and Newcastle Champions were eliminated in last place… Spain is on a roll

Clubs in England, the “closest teams” in football, lost face. Two teams had seaweed soup in the UEFA Champions League group stage (32 strongest teams). Manchester United and Newcastle United took a bitter cup.

The 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League group stage ended on Wednesday (Korea time). As 32 teams ended their group stage with eight groups of four, all the teams that advanced to the round of 16. Overall, the four major big leagues (Spain, England, Germany and Italy) did well, while the English Premier League (EPL) suffered a setback in its pride.

Manchester United and Newcastle came in last in the group league. They failed to qualify for the third place in their group. Manchester United was ranked fourth in Group A. It had one win, one draw, four losses and four points. It only won once in six matches. Newcastle wiped away tears in Group F, which was considered the “Group of Death.” It came in last with one win, two draws, three losses and five points. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

England has placed four teams in the round of 32 strongest teams in the Champions League. Manchester City and Arsenal, the defending champion, participated in the battle of stars. Manchester City and Arsenal took the lead in the group. Manchester City won all six matches and ranked No. 1 in Group G, while Arsenal took the lead in Group B with four wins, one draw and one loss to advance to the round of 16. However, as Manchester United and Newcastle collapsed, they had only a 50 percent chance of advancing to the round of 16.

Spain, which is ranked first in the European league, had five teams participating in the group stage, and four teams advanced to the round of 16. Real Madrid (ranked first in Group C), Real Sociedad (ranked first in Group D), Atletico Madrid (ranked first in Group E), and FC Barcelona (ranked first in Group H) were the leaders of the group and succeeded in advancing to the round of 16. Only Sevilla, the reigning Europa League king, failed. Sevilla came in last place in Group B with two draws and four losses without a win. It also missed qualifying for the Europa League.

Germany and Italy confirmed their advance to the tournament by three teams each. For Germany, Bayern Munich (No. 1 in Group A), Borussia Dortmund (No. 1 in Group F) and RB Leipzig (No. 2 in Group G) advanced to the round of 16, while Union Berlin (No. 4 in Group C) was eliminated. For Italy, Napoli (No. 2 in Group C), Inter Milan (No. 2 in Group D) and Lazio (No. 2 in Group E) secured a berth to advance to the round of 16, while AC Milan (No. 3 in Group F) stayed in Group F, heading to the Euros.

Four Spanish teams, three German and Italian teams, and two English teams won the round of 16. The remaining four were Copenhagen of Denmark, PSV Eindhoven of the Netherlands, Paris Saint-Germain of France (PSG), and FC Porto of Portugal. Copenhagen, which was considered the underdog, became Cinderella with a gust of wind, and PSG, the team of “Shootdori” Lee Kang-in, advanced to the tournament beyond the group of death.

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