Exclusive: Casino City Talks With Greg Fossil Man Raimer

Greg ‘Fossil Man’ Reamer is as philosophical about defeat and triumphant as he is affectionately known to countless poker fans. Reamer, 40, is a married former patent attorney from Connecticut, who played nickel poker in college and was a blackjack player who played card games after grad school and law school. His appetite for poker didn’t wane even after he became a stomping lawyer.

In the 2004 World Poker Series, he won the tournament, defeating 2,576 players on a $160 basis, and the $5 million prize was, until recently, the largest single prize money for a poker tournament. Along the way, he also got a little busier. Gone are the days when he was worried about the effects of patents and the minutiae, and these days he is more likely to try to find a way out of an international airport to compete or compete in a competition or tournament, struggling to overcome the jet lag.

Unlike the Tour de France or the British Golf Open, where you expect Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods to dance or jump to the very end, you can never say who will make the cut in poker. A plumber who doesn’t know, a world-class athlete with passion, or a reputable cardiologist may go on a two-week vacation. When I asked Raymer what a lawyer and a poker player had in common, he readily admitted it was an element of good luck and coincidence. 메이저 토토사이트

Unlike the “fad” of the old Rubik’s Cube, poker will endure. Once you learn something like the Rubik’s Cube, that’s it. There is nothing more to learn or achieve. Maybe you can teach yourself to move faster with your hands, but that’s it. Poker, on the other hand, doesn’t reveal much to you as you progress. A few years ago I thought I knew a lot about poker, but now I know I didn’t know anything at the time. I think that when I look back on today, five to 10 years from now, I’ll feel the same way again. Playing poker is fun, and learning more about it is fun, too. Now you can do this by conveniently playing games online at home and reading the best books in the world. In the past, even if you had access to poker, your chances of really falling into the game weren’t that great unless you lived near Las Vegas or had a few courtroom card rooms. Now, when people get to know about poker, they can play as many games as they want, which brings them deeper into our great game.

2004 World Series Focus Main Event With the timely release of the second installment of the DVD series, Gregg’s leap to victory in the marathon is testifying and celebrating this new opportunity. Now people can sit down and enjoy themselves and learn what’s most important, and rush across the room to practice at the kitchen table. So, when is his favorite moment on the DVD?

Winning is the best thing, of course. But beyond the obvious, I really liked the hand I lost to Al Crooks at the last table. Al holds six in his pocket, and I raise them with an AK. Al decides to go for it, and we’re all in for a free-flop, which is a typical situation of coin tossing. Al is actually a small favorite, but it’s more like 50:50. Flop is good for Al, but I take turns catching As to make higher pairs. But this card packs three spades to give Al a plush draw. So Al can win with one of nine spades and one of the other six spades. Kang is a spade, and when I see myself, reaching out to Al with a smile and shaking hands is the immediate reaction. I was very proud of the way I handled the River card, and instead of getting angry with my bad luck on it, I was happy about the success that Al and he won the port. I used both our hands correctly, and I thought it was just a matter of luck that he won. As such, there was no feeling of anger or regret to face anyway.

Any great success in any adventure creates a new demand for that person’s time. Without thinking about his wife and young daughter, I asked him how he combines poker, especially all the travel and family life?

Combining a new career as a world champion poker player and representative of PokerStars.com with his existing life as a husband and father has been difficult.

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