19-year-old Kim Kee-li fills the vacancy of ace Choi Min-jeong

Kim was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 2:25.830 in the women’s 1,500-meter final of the third ISU World Cup 2023-2024 held at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing on Sunday. Kim performed a double pistol ceremony, beating out Guryi (China), who was unilaterally cheered by home fans.

Kim won the gold medal in the first 1,000-meter race and the first gold in the 1,500-meter race. She also won the gold medal in the third event, continuing her winning streak in three consecutive events. She failed to win two gold medals in the 1,000-meter relay and the 3,000-meter relay, finishing fourth behind the Netherlands.

Kim dreamed of becoming a figure skater when she was seven. However, her house was full of short track speed skating lessons. She had no choice but to start short track skating, but she displayed her talent and won medals in every competition. She has pursued the career of elite athletes since she was a fifth grader. She wore the national flag for the first time last year, and won three gold medals at the World Junior Championships in January this year. After graduating from Seohyun High School, she joined Seongnam City Hall following her role model Choi Min-jeong. 스포츠토토

Kim has improved a notch this season. Although Choi did not participate in the competition to take a rest, Kim has accomplished the role. She ranks first in overall ranking points (615 points) in the World Cup, which is given a crystal glove. As she excels in both speed and endurance, she will also hunt for a gold medal at the fourth competition, which will take place at Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul from July 15 to 17. “I achieved a good result thanks to lots of support. I will show good performance at the Seoul World Cup as well,” Kim said.

Kim Gun-woo (Sports Toto) also won the men’s 1,500-meter race on Sunday, and successfully acquired the gold medal for three consecutive events, maintaining the top spot in men’s rankings. Park Ji-won (Seoul Metropolitan Government) won a silver medal in men’s 1,000-meter race on Sunday. Jang Sung-woo (Korea University), who also competed together, ranked third and won his first individual medal this season.

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