Director Kim Won-hyung of SSG, who moves 74 balls one by one…”The youngest of SSG is claiming to be the youngest.”

SSG Landers began their first training session for the Korean Series at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on the afternoon of the 13th.

Coach Kim Won-hyung, who came to the ground after the players finished a light run, went around the baseball stadium and talked to the players.

After the last game of the regular league against Samsung on the 8th, they had a five-day break, so life and laughter spread on their faces.

The players trained for an hour and a half after stretching in each position. Head coach Kim Won-hyung talked a lot with Choo Shin-soo and Han Yu-seom in front of the dugout to check the players’ condition.

SSG manager Kim Won-hyung moved to the outfield where the pitching group trained. Kim Kwang-hyun, Moriman and Font were improving their condition by running. Head coach Kim Won-hyung approached Kim Kwang-hyun and talked for a long time. 바카라사이트넷

Then he moved his steps. It was full of balls that pitchers trained to hit from right to left in the outfield where they ran.

SSG manager Kim Won-hyung slowly picked up the ball with both hands and rolled the ball into the middle of the outfield fence. There were 74 balls to the right based on the center of the outfield. He caught five or eight balls at a time and rolled them.

Head coach Kim Won-hyung gathered baseballs in one place for fear of players slipping on the ball or getting injured.

SSG Landers won the ‘wire to wire championship’ in two years since its foundation. Director Kim Won-hyung of “The Little Prince” played a major role in his brother’s leadership. With the “new and old harmony” that combines rookies and senior players, they have never given up the top spot since the opening 10 consecutive games.

Meanwhile, SSG, ahead of the first game of the Korean Series on November 1, will prepare for the Korean Series with a second-tier game against Doosan on the 23rd, a training game on the 25th, a seven-inning practice game on the 26th, and an official game against Doosan’s second-tier on the 27th.

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