Park Sung-hyun packed snacks, and the caddie took out snacks and said, “Offbeat?”

Park Sung-hyun won 1.2 billion won in total prize money at the 22nd Hite Jinro Championship held at Blue Heron GC (par 72.6763 yards) in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province on the 9th. In the first time in a long time, he appeared in front of a domestic gallery in the prize money of 206 million won). 토토사이트

After checking the player at the KLPGA booth in front of the first tee, Park Sung-hyun took a banana snack and moved to the tea box.

Park Sung-hyun, who usually eats bananas as a snack during the game, shared two bananas in front of his golf bag.

Park Sung-hyun moved to practice swing with a driver to prepare for the tee shot, and Park Sung-hyun’s caddy went back to the KLPGA booth with two bananas placed in front of the golf bag and returned the bananas. The reason is that Park Sung-hyun’s caddie prepared banana snacks in advance.

Group 21, which includes Park Sung-hyun in the fourth round, attracted more galleries than the championship group (21,207 people in the fourth round on the 9th), realizing Park Sung-hyun’s hot popularity. Moreover, even in rainy and windy weather, galleries went around 18 holes with Park Sung-hyun to cheer.

In particular, when Park Sung-hyun’s dramatic chip birdie came out on the 16th tee, the broadcast camera cheered to the extent that it shook the gallery’s shouts. Park Sung-hyun also clenched his fist and cheered.

Park Sung-hyun said of the gallery’s support, “It was really good. At the beginning of the game, there was a slight tremor. Even that was very good because I felt excited.”

Park Sung-hyun finished tied for third with Kim Jae-hee with a final even-par 288. Park Sung-hyun will participate in the “BMW Ladies Championship 2022” held at Oak Valley C.C. in Wonju, Gangwon-do, for four days from the 20th to the 23rd.

Meanwhile, Park Min-ji birdied Jung Yoon-ji in the second overtime to win the championship. Park Min-ji won five games of the season and 15 wins in her career in a month after winning the KB Financial Star Championship.

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