‘Christmas gun’ Son Heung-min scored 11th goal → MOM takes over… Tottenham wins 2-1 against Everton ‘3 consecutive wins + Big 4 re-entry’

Tottenham won 2-1 against Everton in the 18th round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, their home stadium, on the 24th (Korea time). Tottenham, which had won its third consecutive game on the day, recorded 11 wins, three draws, four losses and 36 points, moving up to fourth place, beating Manchester City (34 points), which had played one game less. It continued its upward trajectory as it re-entered the Big Four, which had been on a shaky ground in the early days of the season’s opening, after briefly slowing down after losing no loss.

Son Heung-min produced attack points as a left midfielder. Early in the season, Harry Kane’s transfer to Bayern Munich coupled with Hicharlisson’s sluggishness gave Son a change of striker status. Son completed his new mission perfectly. He opened the race for the top scorer with a hat trick in the match against Burnley, which was the first game he played as a one-top front-line player.

However, as Tottenham suffered a brief slump due to increased injuries, Manager Ange Postecoglou chose to shift the position back to the left. He was right on the spot. Son scored one goal and two assists in the match against Newcastle United, which restored the winning atmosphere.

Then, in the match against Nottingham Forest, Son Heung-min started from the left. Even if he could not continue his opponent’s strong checks, he served as an advantage of creating opportunities for his teammates. Through this, Hisharlisson’s decisive power was revived, and Tottenham continued its two-game winning streak. 온라인경마

Again, Postecoglou’s choice was left. He took out the card to place Son Heung-min on the left at the top of the Hicharlisson. Dejan Kulusevski stood at the center of the second line, and Brennan Johnson took the right. Oliver Skipp and Pape Sarr worked together for the defensive midfielder who protected the four-back, and the final defense consisted of Emerson Royal, Christian Romero, Ben Davies and Pedro Porro. Goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario kept the goal.

Everton, which had a good pace with three consecutive wins as well as Tottenham, also played in a 4-2-3-1 formation. With Dominic Calvert-Lewin at striker, Dwight McNeil, James Garner, Jack Harrison, Amadou Onana, Idrissa Gueye, Vitali Mykolenko, Jarad Branswaite, James Tacowski, Nathan Patterson and Jordan Pickford filled the starting lineup.

Tottenham took the lead at the start. Shortly after kick-off, Tottenham opened the attack with a volley shot by Sarr following a cross by Kulusevski, and scored the first goal in just eight minutes. From the right, Poe and Johnson exchanged passes and launched their attacks. Johnson accelerated the breakthrough and crossed to the gate.

The troubleshooter was HISCHARLISON. HISCHARLISON flooded the net to score a goal in line with Johnson’s pass. HISCHARLISON refrained from rejoicing after scoring a goal for Everton, his former team. Nevertheless, he maintained the driving force to keep Tottenham’s forward line by scoring goals in three consecutive matches.

Tottenham produced confidence. Johnson, who had helped the first goal in the 11th minute of the first half, also showed his ambition to score with a direct shot. However, he managed to overcome disappointment by missing the post. Everton also faced a crisis as they attempted to counterattack to score in return. McNeil allowed a shot in the 15th minute of the first half, but fortunately, it was inaccurate.

Son Heung-min scored an additional goal. In the 18th minute of the first half, he received a corner kick that Johnson connected briefly, penetrated the right side of the penalty box, and even tried to shoot. The Pickford goalkeeper’s shot went to Son Heung-min. It was a chance that Son Heung-min could not miss, as he was looking for an opportunity at the gate. There were many defenders in front of the goal, but he connected with his right foot to the empty spot of the goal to make it 2-0.

With this goal, Son continued his race to become the top scorer in this season’s Premier League. He is tying for fourth after leader Erling Holland (14 goals, Manchester City), second-ranked Dominic Solanke (Bournemouth), and Mohamed Salah (12 goals, Liverpool). He is also tying with West Ham United for 11 goals.

He also elevated his ranking in overall goalscoring in the Premier League. With 114 goals in total, Son is ranking 23rd overall, beating Ian Wright (113 goals). Raheem Sterling and Steven Gerrard (20th-120 goals) and Romelo Lukaku (20th-121 goals) are considered Son’s consolation.

With Son Heung-min giving Tottenham the win, Everton were forced into a difficult situation. In the 24th minute of the first half, Gueye left the ground early due to an unexpected injury. Andre Gomes, who returned from injury as an alternative resource, came in. Everton calmly brought the flow. Starting with Garner’s mid-range shot in the 34th minute of the first half, he showed quite sharpness until the end of the first half.

For Everton, they also experienced an absurd situation in which the ball came on the ground in the 40th minute of the first half. When the two balls overlapped, there was no choice but to have a chance to score or inaccurate shooting. Everton manager Sean Dyce expressed dissatisfaction, but there was nothing they could do. In the extra time of the first half, Everton also tried to shoot with their left foot after Harrison broke through the door, but could not overcome goalkeeper Vicario’s save.

Tottenham, which led the first half 2-0 but did not have a good last-minute flow, put in Eric Dier at the start of the second half. Romero, who slipped and complained of pain early in the game, was not in good condition. In the middle of the mess, the net fluctuated within five minutes. Emerson was taken away by Gomes while catching the ball from the back. Gomes passed to Calvert-Lewin, who was at the gate, and scored without missing it.

Tottenham players including Son Heung-min claimed that Gomes’ pressure was an extreme foul. Video assistant refereeing (VAR) was also activated. Ultimately, the referee cancelled Everton’s score after judging that it was Gomes’ foul after conducting an on-field review.

Tottenham, who was worried, tried to bring back the atmosphere that Sar and Porro had moved on by trying to shoot. Everton also went into a battle of battle as they were aggressive as they needed to score. When Garner shot, Johnson responded with an effective shot, as he saw.

In the middle of the second half, both teams pulled out replacement cards. Tottenham brought in Hissarlisson and Sarr, and Pierre-Emile Hoivierre and Giovanni Lo Celso. From then on, Son became one-top. Everton also strengthened their offense by including Arnaut Danjuma without Harrison.

There was a fight against each other. For Tottenham, Kulusevski threatened the Pickford goalkeeper, and Everton also showed Gomes shaking the side net. Eventually, Everton scored a comeback goal. In the 37th minute of the second half, Gomes scored with a right-footed shot from the top of the corner kick.

Everton’s momentum was incredible. Son Heung-min aimed for Everton’s back space, which came through a breakthrough and pass alone at the front line. Amid Son’s struggles, Tottenham had to focus on its defense until the end. The more it got, the busier the goalkeeper Vicario was. Notably, he contributed to the 2-1 victory by firing off several shots by Everton during extra time in the second half.

On the day, Son displayed strong determination by scoring one out of two shots. The success rate of passes, including a key pass, was 71 percent. The number of touches on the ball reached 56 times, and he dribbled three times. According to Opta, a soccer statistics firm, Son displayed the most touches and breaks in the opponent team’s box on the day, showing that he was aggressive in attack.

Son Heung-min, who has played a lot and even scored a goal, received good evaluation. First of all, he was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MOM) by the Premier League secretariat through fan voting. He was selected as the seventh MOM in this season alone, which illustrates his best performance.

In addition, soccer statistics outlet “SopaScore” gave Son 7.2 points, the second highest after Vicario (8.3) and Emerson (8.2 points). “Husscore” also gave Son the highest score among Tottenham’s strikers with 7.6 points. The highest score they picked was Emerson (8.5 points) and Vicario (8.2 points). “Foot Mob” also gave Son 7.8 points, ranking among the highest in the league, following Vicario (8.7), Emerson (8.6), and Johnson (8.5 points).

The South Korean local media are also adhering to the assessment. “Son scored his 11th goal with a bounce shot. I played so hard that I am grateful,” the “Football London” said in scoring seven points. The “Evening Standard” also gave the same seven points, saying, “Son displayed sophisticated controls. Thanks to Son’s goal, Tottenham was able to run away with the score 2-0.

Son has already scored 11 goals, surpassing the 10 goals he recorded in the Premier League last season. Son, who is in good condition by surpassing the score tally last season even before the halfway point, will challenge for his 12th goal five days later. Son will challenge Tottenham’s fourth consecutive win and consecutive goals in an away match against Brighton & Hove Albion in the 19th round of the Premier League at 4:30 a.m. on the 29th.

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