Choctonation Casino Installs Quick Custom Intelligence Platform

Quick Custom Intelligence (QCI), a custom data solutions company, announced the rapid installation and purchase of the QCI Enterprise Platform across 22 Chactaw Nation Casino. Achieving this ambitious deployment in just over a month is a testament to QCI’s firm commitment to excellence and efficiency.

At the current stage of the partnership, both players are deep into the critical phase of data validation and training, but with momentum, we are preparing for a groundbreaking launch for the host team by the end of September. 슬롯머신

“Our partnership with QCI is a symbol of the growth and development of ChoTonation casinos,” said Walter Allen, senior corporate director at ChoTonation. “Their enterprise platform is going to be a game changer, and our installation in all our casinos demonstrates our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our customers. We’re really excited about this collaboration and the future prospects.”

Looking ahead, this groundbreaking partnership is poised to do even more. QCI and Choctaw Nation Casino are committed to fostering this collaboration with plans to embark on a series of improvements over the coming months and years. The synergy between the two giants promises to lead to innovations that reshape the landscape of the casino experience, and will ensure that customers receive not only excellent service but also memorable moments whenever they step into the Choctaw Nation casino.

“Location at 22 casinos in Chokto is not only one of QCI’s most important partnerships, but also a demonstration of what happens when two visionaries come together,” said Andrew Cardno, QCI’s chief technology officer. “The speed and scale at which we executed this project is a shared mutual trust between QCI and Choctaw countries and a demonstration of the commitment of our team.”

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