Charismatic Captain’s shocking confession…”Actually, I didn’t get along with young players.” “Self-bullying” in Manchester United’s later years

Roy Keane, the legendary captain of Manchester United, confessed that he had been wandering around the locker room at the end of his career. The British media “Mirror” introduced Keane’s interview on Saturday (Korea time), saying, “I explained why Keane was not close to Wayne Rooney during his time at Manchester United.” Keane recalled, “I respect Rooney as a player. But it was nothing else.”

Keane played for Manchester United from 1993 to 2005. Rooney joined Manchester United in 2004. Rooney was 19 and Keane was 33. Keane said, “For sure, we never had an argument. It wasn’t about being warm to Rooney, but I didn’t hate it either. However, Rooney and I had different styles. Jokes and other stuff didn’t suit me either.”

Back then, Manchester United was in the midst of a generational shift. Former coach Alex Ferguson once recruited Cristiano Ronaldo and sent David Beckham to Real Madrid in 2003. He brought Rooney along in 2004.

Keane did not get along well with the younger players. It was because of the generational gap. The Mirror pointed out that Keane had difficulty forming genuine relationships with his teammates during his final stint at Old Trafford. 슬롯머신

“In my later years, I felt I didn’t understand some players. I couldn’t relate to their humor. I rarely talked to anyone. I missed many players. Times were changing and I don’t know if it was because I was a little mean and outdated,” Keane confessed.

It can’t be easy to get along with juniors who are more than 10 years apart. Keane made a big accident known as the “Kinogate” in November 2005. Through public interviews, he criticized some of his colleagues for having to kick him out. As a result, he moved to Celtic and parted ways with Manchester United forever.

Keane said, “I couldn’t even joke with players like Rio Ferdinand and Rooney. It was a personal matter. I tried to change as well, but when there were new players coming into Manchester United I didn’t always understand. They were obviously very good players, but they didn’t fit in personality.”

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