“Change your habits and you change your destiny”

“Change your habits and you change your destiny”

As a “master of defense,” he was touted as the expert who would reform Lotte’s defense. When Kim Min-ho was called by coach Kim Tae-hyung, he didn’t hesitate to join Lotte.

From last year’s offseason camp to spring training, Kim moved his body with more enthusiasm and raised his voice more than anyone else during training sessions. He was a passionate coach. Coach Kim Tae-hyung, who watched the training quietly, laughed and gave Kim a pinch every time he performed a move himself, saying that he was “trying to show off what he’s good at,” but it didn’t matter. Kim began to tear apart the Lotte players’ defense from “A to Z” with enthusiasm.

Lotte had recently missed fall baseball for the sixth consecutive year. It was a position of weakness, not strength. A team with a solid defense is a strong team. It’s an immutable truth that holds true in Major League Baseball and Nippon Professional Baseball. 토토사이트 The last time Lotte made it to the Fall League, in 2017, they showed off their solid defense.

Over the past six years, the fielding staff has committed 559 errors (not including pitching errors).

That ranks just eighth overall. Even if the absolute number of errors is low, it’s not an efficient defense. Last year’s 103 errors were the third-fewest in the league. However, their Defensive Efficiency Rating (DER), a measure of defensive efficiency, was last in the league at .666. It was last in 2022 at .649 and last in 2021 at .675. This was the third consecutive year the defense had the worst efficiency.

Under the leadership of coach Kim Min-ho, Lotte’s defensive habits had to be changed from the final camp last year. “If we change our habits, we can change our destiny and become stronger,” he told the players. He raised his voice every day. It was safe to say that the most vocal person in the Guam spring training camp was not the players, but coach Kim Min-ho.

First, we went back to the basics. He taught them the basics as if they were high school students. Even Kim Tae-hyung, who is not a defense expert, questioned the players’ defensive posture and habits, and Kim began to overhaul Lotte’s defense.

How did the team perform during the month-long final camp last year and the three weeks of spring camp this year? “Overall, we have improved a lot. “I think the players are having fun because they can see the improvement and there are some new things in the training process,” he explained. However, the team hasn’t met his high expectations yet. “It’s not as good as I expected, but it’s still better,” he laughs.

Kim Min-ho doesn’t expect anything flashy.

Since he took over, he has been asking for solid defense, solid defense, and getting one out, rather than flashy defense. The first day of spring training always starts with defense, and before the fielding drills begin, the entire team gathers for a meeting. Kim used a whiteboard in the dugout to explain the players’ movements, and he repeatedly explained what kind of mindset and thoughts they needed to have on defense every day. It’s an instructional approach, but daily repetition is the best way to get players to change their behavior.

“It’s to refine our own tactics and organization,” says Coach Kim Min-ho. When we play defense, we tell them to think about the next play before hitting. We emphasize that if you play Go, you have to think one move ahead and two moves ahead.”

“He tells us a lot of things to help us think and play first,” said infielder Han Dong-hee. “He also tells us to stick to the basics and play more solidly.”

Outfielder Kim Min-seok said, “We have a lot of team play drills, and he tells us that we need to think about the situation before we play defense and see a few numbers ahead of the opponent. He explains things like having a backup play,” he said, adding, “It would be silly to do these things right away, but it was easy to understand because he wrote it all down on the whiteboard.”

Coach Minho Kim and the Beasts chanted a daily mantra to get stronger.

He began each workout by chanting “Fuerte,” which means “strong” in Spanish. “Players must have the desire to be strong to be strong. I didn’t want them to be strong for nothing, 파워볼사이트 추천 but I wanted to instill it in them repeatedly,” he said, adding, “I can see that they are getting stronger.”

“You have to sweat to get something, and you have to give something away. I gave up a lot. I gave up a lot of my time to sweat with the athletes and try to change my habits,” he said, adding, “It’s not easy to change an ingrained habit. It’s hard. But when we change our habits, we can change our destiny and become stronger. And if you take action, you can definitely change your destiny. Lotte’s defense can be strong. I hope the fans will wait and watch,” he emphasized.

Will the reform of the Lotte defense led by coach Kim Min-ho succeed?

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