Representative Chairman Choi Jong-gu and IOC Chairman Bach. [Photography by Jang Hyeon-gu]

 Choi Jong-gu, chairman of the organizing committee for the 2024 Gangwon Winter Youth Olympic Games, said on the 1st, “This was a successful event with more than 400,000 spectators, exceeding the original target of 250,000, despite low awareness and lack of publicity.” said. Chairman Choi said this in an interview with Yonhap News and evaluated, “The Gangwon 2024 Games, which utilize the legacy of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, are worthy of being a cultural Olympics. ”He emphasized, “As I watched the Cultural Olympics combined with K-culture being implemented, I was able to confirm that Korea is a powerhouse in the field of winter sports,” and added, “Gangwon has emerged as the central center of Asia for the Winter Olympics and a mecca for winter tourism.” did .The following is a Q&A with Representative Choi.  Looking back and evaluating the competition overall.

The Gangwon 2024 Games was held for the fourth time since its inception in 2012, and awareness was low and promotion was lacking. In addition, even though there was a lot of pressure to hold a successful competition due to last year’s Saemangeum Jamboree international event, the organizing committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Gangwon Province, and other related organizations worked together to finish successfully without incident. It is expected that more than 400,000 visitors will visit, exceeding the original target of 250,000 spectators. IOC President Bach and IOC officials also called it a successful event, citing the smooth operation of the event, rapid crisis response capabilities, and excellent athlete service. This competition was held as a youth cultural festival utilizing the 2018 Pyeongchang heritage, and is worthy of being a cultural Olympics. There was a norovirus case before the opening, and there was heavy snow and a cold wave right after the opening .After three cases of norovirus infection occurred on the 17th, relevant organizations conducted an infectious disease risk factor analysis and situation assessment, and maintained a thorough quarantine posture during the competition, so there were no additional cases of infection.

In addition, a cooperative system was established with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Gangwon-do, and the four cities and counties in the host region to quickly remove snow to avoid disruption to the operation of the competition. As a measure against cold waves for visitors, quick measures were taken, such as installing heated shelters in each stadium, adjusting or shortening working hours for outdoor operation personnel such as volunteers, and operating heated buses .The moment when you felt the most crisis. There was no moment that I felt was a particular crisis. The first day of the game, the 20th, was met with heavy snow, followed by a cold wave, and the early stages were the most stressful moments as we had to deal with it accordingly. We were able to overcome these difficulties by working through the night 스포츠토토존 to remove snow and implement the cold wave measures we had prepared.

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