“Can it be more meaningful. I’m really thankful that I was able to finish it well, and I think it’s a very happy time.”

After the women’s singles final of the Hangzhou Asian Games badminton held at Hangzhou Binjiang Gymnasium in China on the 7th, Ahn Se-young, who won the gold medal by fighting spirit, seemed to have mixed emotions. Ahn Se-young, who faced Chen Yu-fei (China) on the day, struggled to play as she complained of pain in her right knee during the first set. However, he won the first set 21-18 with taping on his knee and won 21-8 in the third set. Ahn Se-young, who beat Cheon Yu-pei with a set score of 2-1, became the first player to win the women’s singles gold medal in badminton at the Asian Games in 29 years since Bang Soo-hyun at the 1994 Hiroshima Games. He also won two gold medals in the competition following the group competitions.

After a bloody fight, Ahn Se-young limped to the podium. And it was the same in the interview room. On the injured situation, he said, “My knee hurt a lot. But fortunately, I was able to walk, so I ran for now.” He added at an official press conference, “During the game, my knee made a ‘tap’ sound and I felt like it was off.” It literally meant that the knee condition was very bad.

My mother, who was cheering in the stands for Ahn Se-young’s injury, shouted, “Stop giving up.” But Ahn ran until the end. Ahn Se-young said, “I couldn’t hear anything,” adding, “Even if I heard that, I would have kept running.” “It may be the first and last time for me, and I thought this time would not come again, so I wanted to do it firmly,” he said. 경마사이트

Ahn Se-young, who said he had focused on only winning one point without thinking after the injury, completely destroyed Cheon Yu-pei in the third set. He looked back on the situation in the third set, saying, “Rather than having less pain, I really thought about just staying alert without thinking.”

Ahn Se-young, who made significant achievements this year, including winning the world championship and ranking first in the women’s singles, also added an Asian Games gold medal to her career. “It was a time with no regrets,” he said. “The time I prepared was so hard, but I’m happy that I overcame it well because I silently did it in place,” he said. Now, Ahn Se-young is looking forward to her next goal, the Paris Olympics. Ahn Se-young said, “The Grand Slam has always been my goal. Now the next goal is the Olympics. I will run toward the Olympics again,” he vowed.

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