“Because I want to return to the PL stage.”

Spanish media “As” reported on the 6th, “Hulen Lopetegui rejected the 18 million euros in annual salary proposed by R. Itihad of the Saudi Arabian League.” “Ropetegui continues to interact with British football officials even after leaving Wolverhampton,” he said, noting that he hopes for the Premier League (PL).

“Ropetegui is connected to Manchester United. I was fascinated by his victory in the Europa League,” he said. Lopetegui built his leadership by directing big clubs such as the Spanish national team and Real Madrid. In particular, he led Sevilla to a notable career, winning the Europa League.

Coach Lopetegui took the helm of Wolverhampton, which plunged to the bottom in November of the 2022/23 season. He quickly started maintenance and led his team to escape demotion by elevating to 13th place.

However, they disagreed with the team ahead of the opening of the 2023/24 season and left Wolverhampton after nine months. Lopetegui is looking for a destination after leaving Wolverhampton, but is being linked to Manchester United. Manchester United is under the leadership of Erik ten Hag. The style was also considered similar to Sir Alex Ferguson, who was famous for his strictness. 사설 토토사이트

Manchester United, under manager Ten Hag, seemed to be creaking at the beginning of last season, but gradually found composure and began to pay off. United beat Newcastle United to win the Carabao Cup trophy last season. By winning the Carabao Cup trophy, Manchester United achieved the feat of breaking the link of no wins from the 2017/18 season.

On top of that, he joined the TOP 4 after the 2020/21 season and secured a berth to play in the next season’s Champions League. He took the helm of Manchester United and started to improve his physical constitution. Based on strict rules, he has begun to reform the atmosphere in a disarray.

Ahead of the opening of this season, Manchester United promised full support to coach Ten Haq. Mason Mount and Andre Onana have stepped up their efforts by spending heavily. However, it is being criticized for its below-expected performance. In particular, there are frequent conflicts with players. A representative example is Jadon Sancho.

Ten Hag and Sancho crossed a river that could not be returned, with clashes over the chance to play. Sancho is currently training alone. On top of that, Ten Haq’s withdrawal has been made. Manager Ten Hag has reportedly taken measures to force Sancho to use the training site and have meals separately from the main league players. He is effectively an outcast.

According to Sky Sports in the U.K., manager Ten Haq has lost some credibility in the locker room. Manchester United players have questioned the treatment of Jadon Sancho. Manchester United seems to have selected Lopetegui as the right person, as manager Ten Ha-ch showed below-expected performance. If Lopetegui takes the helm of Manchester United, he will be drawn to meet Hwang Hee-chan, who had a relationship with Wolverhampton, as an enemy.

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