Already, the atmosphere of giving up the Asian Cup is “We are at the level of third-rate Asian student competition.”

Chinese media “Sina Sports” reported on the birthday of a Chinese national team player on the 16th (Korea time) and the news of the second group match between Lebanon and the Asian Cup on the 17th. In the preview article, Chinese Internet users showed a self-help reaction to the level of soccer in their country.

“I can’t even kick the ball properly. How can I win?” One fan complained, saying, “The Chinese national team led by coach Aleksandar Yankovic (52) was very confusing. It was like watching a school game.”

The poor performance of the first round effectively ended Chinese soccer fans’ expectations. China tied helplessly with Tajikistan, its first Asian Cup player. It was a fortunate level to have secured one point. According to Foot Mob, a soccer statistics magazine, China allowed 20 shots to Tajikistan on the day.

Even before the match against Lebanon, Chinese fans are leaving sharp comments. A netizen on “Sina Sports” rated the current level of Chinese soccer by saying, “Whatever coach comes in, the Chinese national team is already a third-rate player in Asia.” Others said, “This could be a game that depends on the life and death of Coach Yankovic,” and “He is a talkative coach. He only tries random kicks without any specific tactics,” and “I don’t understand this level. The Chinese national team’s performance is not good.”

Some claimed that the score was lower than the middle level in Asia. “Strong teams such as Japan, Korea, Australia, and Iran cannot win. I have no confidence that I will win,” said a Chinese fan. In fact, China lost 0-3 to the South Korean national team in the second qualifying round for the 2026 North American World Cup. After allowing multiple goals to Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur), Chung Seung-hyun (Ulsan HD) scored a wedge header goal in the second half.

The results of the match were not good even before the Asian Cup finals. China had only two wins in seven recent A matches. It also lost 0-2 to Oman in the final warm-up match. It seemed natural that they did not use their strength in the finals.

China, which failed to catch Tajikistan, which ranks 106th in the FIFA rankings, is close to being eliminated from the group league. Now, Middle East enemies are waiting. After Lebanon, China will meet Qatar, which ranks 58th in FIFA rankings. 토토사이트 순위

Qatar, the winner of the last tournament, got off to a flying start by beating Lebanon 3-0 in its opening match. Notably, its ace Akram Afif (Al-Sad) scored multiple goals and displayed outstanding performance. It will likely pose a huge threat to China.

According to Chinese media outlet Sohu Dotcom, Weixhao (Wuhan Sanjeon), a key player, will not be able to play in the second round due to injury. Chinese soccer star Wu Lei (Shanghai Sangkang), who played in Spain, has yet to show his competitive edge in the international arena. He failed to make a single shot in the match against Tajikistan and was replaced in the middle of the second half.

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