‘Shock’ Mbappe Real stopped, EPL rush…Liverpool’s “Sala Replacement” “We’re working on a recruitment strategy.”

“Mbappe has been greatly linked to Liverpool in the English Premier League (EPL),” sports media outlet Football 365 said on the 16th (Korea Standard Time). “Real Madrid missed the deadline it set to recruit Mbappe.”

Liverpool is already in talks to recruit Mbappe. “Liverpool is considering recruiting Mbappe, who is expected to leave the team as a free agent this summer,” the media said.

They are trying to prepare to leave the team. According to Football 365 days, Mohamed Salah (32) is rumored to be transferred. “Most media predict that Mbappe will head to Real Madrid. Liverpool also has a chance,” the media said. 토토사이트 순위

Earlier this month, Spain’s Ashes said, “Real Madrid has set a deadline of January 15 for Mbappe. However, there has been no transfer offer for Mbappe. Speculation about his future continues.”

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez also declined to comment on Mbappe’s transfer. According to Football 365, when asked about the possibility of Mbappe being hired, he said, “Mbappe has not arrived at Real Madrid yet. It is not the right stage to mention him yet.”

For now, Liverpool is unlikely to move during the winter transfer window. European soccer expert Fabrizio Romano said, “Liverpool is satisfied with the current team. The January transfer window is quite quiet. I heard that for several weeks, he was only considering recruiting a central defender,” adding, “Liverpool is not in a hurry. They are focusing on the summer transfer window. It seems that this is their strategy to recruit them.”

At one point, Mbappe was on the verge of signing a contract with Real Madrid. According to the British Mirror, Mbappe decided to stay in Paris Saint-Germain after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Suddenly, the situation was completely different. Real Madrid President Perez said in an interview with his local media at the time, “Mbappe’s dream should have changed. Didn’t French President Emmanuel Macron catch Mbappe? That doesn’t make sense. Everything changed when Paris Saint-Germain offered him the team’s leader. Real Madrid failed to achieve what it wanted.”

Still, Spanish media such as Marca are paying keen attention to Mbappe’s move to Real Madrid. According to local media, Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain remains in effect for about six months. Under the Boseman rule, Mbappe can begin transfer negotiations with other clubs. “The soccer community is paying attention to Mbappe’s actions. Speculations are rampant on the soccer field about his future, not his performance,” Marca said. “Mbappe will be reluctant to repeat his move last summer. He will soon decide whether to go to Real Madrid or stay at Paris Saint-Germain.”

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