“You’re going to get scolded by your son for fighting with Mbappe.” Trippier, Son’s favorite player, pointed fingers at Mbappe, and argued

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Newcastle played their fifth Group F match of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League at the Parc des Princes in Paris, France on Sunday (Korea time). The two finished the match 1-1 with a tie.

PSG lefty Mbappe and Newcastle righty Trippier competed throughout the match. Within 90 minutes of regular time, Trippier won the match by decision. He did not yield a single goal against PSG’s attackers. However, in the extra time of the second half, PSG won a penalty kick (PK), and Mbappe scored with a PK shot.

Trippier was named the PSG-Newcastle Player of the Year (MOM). “Trippier defended PSG’s most threatening striker (Mbappe),” said UEFA’s technical committee member, who picked Trippier as his MOM.

Immediately after the referee’s final whistle, the two approached each other. As they got closer with a red face, the referee and deputy referee blocked the two. Although the referee stopped them, Mbappe and Trippier pointed their fingers at each other and raised their voices. Nothing has yet been revealed about the reason for the fight. It seems that there is a stain on the competition that took place during the game.

Last month, he was the hero of a heartwarming story. Two teams played at St. James’ Park, Newcastle’s home ground. When Trippier entered the stadium, he held his son’s hand. Trippier’s son is well-known as a big fan of Mbappe. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Trippier, who came to the press conference after beating PSG 4-1 in the match, said, “Before the game started, my son said, ‘I want to go in holding Mbappe’s hand, not dad’s hand.’ In other words, the son who needs to be rooting for the opponent team’s ace was rooting for him.

It didn’t stop there. Trippier’s son wanted to have Mbappe’s uniform. Trippier approached Mbappe and asked for his uniform to grant his son’s wish. Mbappe readily took off his uniform and handed it to Trippier.

The son of Trippier, who made his wish come true, also appeared in an interview with the TV show. “I’m sad that PSG lost to Newcastle,” Trippier’s son said in an interview with “Kanal Plus” wearing Mbappe uniform. The hosts laughed and Trippier smiled awkwardly.

Mbappe, who gave memories to the Trippier father and son by giving them his uniform as a gift a month ago in St. James’ Park, had an argument with Trippier in Paris a month later. Trippier must have been scolded by his son after work.

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