World Cup star Cho Kyu-sung’s lackluster performance in ‘0 effective shots’…There’s a lot of criticism on social media

Cho’s slump is prolonged. Cho, who was the undisputed main striker under Jurgen Klinsmann, remained silent in both group matches. Cho, who failed to score a goal in the match against Bahrain on the 15th, remained silent on the 20th.

Cho has emerged as a star at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He scored two goals with only his header in the second group match against Ghana, becoming the first multi-goal player in Korean soccer history. He garnered attention from European teams and continued his challenge in Europe by wearing the Danish soccer team Meatwilan uniform in July last year. Meatwilan, who made early efforts to recruit Cho, showed his trust by taking charge of his main striker.

He has become a key striker under Klinsmann. Hwang, who had been in contention, did not get a chance from his team and was even temporarily excluded from the national team due to allegations of illegal filming, making sure to seize the opportunity. Cho has continued to play with Klinsmann’s trust.

However, he did not meet expectations at the Asian Cup. In the match against Jordan on Tuesday, he failed to score even one shot on target. He also lost a chance to play second ball following Lee Ki-je’s shot at mid-range range during extra time in the first half. It was frustrating in general, but Cho failed to serve as a troubleshooter.

The right to provide was an advantage, but it failed to win a competition for aerial ball. As Cho Kyu-sung, the front-line striker, was blocked by the opponent’s defense, the national team’s attack was also disappointing. Behind Cho Kyu-sung is full of second-line resources recognized in the European stage, including Son Heung-min and Lee Kang-in. We need to use more confidence in our decision-making power. Klinsman hopes to win the title for the first time in 64 years since 1960. To do so, frontline striker Cho Kyu-sung needs to score a big goal.

As his performance in the Asian Cup has been prolonged, some fans even visited Cho Kyu-sung’s social networking service (SNS) and continued to criticize him too much. In particular, his appearance in an entertainment program that aired right before the Asian Cup drew excessive criticism. There are also many comments on his interest in fashion. It is natural to express regret over what he failed to show with his skills in the stadium. However, it remains regrettable to go to social networking sites and criticize him excessively.

Cho said, “I want to score goals in every game. I have to make good use of the opportunity I got. As I say every time, I just need to do well,” adding, “I will do well in the remaining games and score goals for sure.” 스포츠토토사이트

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