Women’s Handball Team Begins Training on the 13th

Women’s Handball Team Begins Training on the 13th… European War Training Plan

The women’s national handball team, which will compete in the Paris Olympics opening in July, will begin training at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village in North Chungcheong Province from the 13th.

Women’s national team players, who completed their entire handball H-League schedule on April 29, will take a break of about two weeks and begin preparations for the Olympics starting on the 13th.

The Korean women’s handball team, led by coach Henrik Signel (Sweden), is the only team ball sport team in Korea participating in the Paris Olympics. 온라인카지노

While other team ball sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, rugby, and water polo all failed to advance to the Olympic finals, women’s handball became the ‘last bastion’ by successfully advancing to the Olympic finals for the 11th consecutive time.

In Olympic handball, the Korean women’s national team is the first team to advance to the finals 11 times in a row among men and women around the world.

However, they faced a difficult matchup as they were placed in Group A with Norway, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, and Denmark.

Not only are they all European teams, but Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, the teams that ranked 2nd to 4th in last year’s World Championships, were gathered in one group.

Last year’s World Championships and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics were both won by France (Group B), the host country of this Olympics.

The women’s national team plans to continue practicing after convening the athletes’ village on the 13th and then travel to Europe for training.

In addition, the plan is to leave for Europe with some time ahead of the Olympics to improve condition through local adaptation and practice games.

The most recent example of Korean women’s handball winning an Olympic medal was a bronze medal in Beijing in 2008, and the last time it reached the semifinals was a fourth-place finish at the 2012 London Games.

In Rio de Janeiro in 2016, it was eliminated in the group stage for the first time in Korean women’s handball history, and advanced to the quarterfinals in Tokyo in 2021.

Judging by objective power and match draw results, the first goal in this tournament is expected to be the quarterfinals, where the top four countries from each group advance.

The men’s national team, which has not qualified for the Olympics since London 2012, has no international competitions to participate in until the 2026 Asian Championships and Asian Games.

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