U-17 soccer coach Byun Sung-hwan said, “I’m sorry for the bad luck of the goal post…There’s still a chance left for the round of 16.”

“It’s upsetting because I don’t think I have too much luck.”

Coach Byun Sung-hwan of the South Korean national team, who had been defeated after hitting the goalposts three times in the first two matches of the 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup, confessed like this.

South Korea’s U-17 national soccer team lost 0-1 to France, which scored in the second minute of the first half in the second Group E match of the tournament held at Jakarta International Stadium in Indonesia on the 15th.

It was regrettable that Jin Tae-ho’s non-stop shot following a cross in the 13th minute of the second half hit the post.

South Korea hit the post twice in the first leg of a 1-3 loss to the U.S. 토토사이트

It is strictly based on the player’s “ability” to hit the net, but fans have no choice but to think that if all three goals were headed into the net, South Korea would have won two points with an unbeaten run.

Coach Byun also did not hide his regret at a press conference after the game, saying, “I hit the goalpost three times in two games, and I hope our team will have some luck in the next game.”

South Korea was pushed back by France in the first half as the flow was often cut off due to pass mistakes, but it played a dominant game in the second half.

Manager Byun said, “In the first half, our players were too rigid after making early runs, so we made a lot of minor mistakes and played a hard game. Fortunately, in the second half, we were able to lead the game by reducing mistakes and playing the game as planned.”

Coach Byun also stressed, “I would like to commend our players for trying to maintain our style (aggressive) without giving up until the end against the strong team.”

Korea, ranking third in Group E, can expect to advance to the round of 16 as third in the group only if it wins its third match against Burkina Faso, ranking fourth.

In the tournament, where 24 countries will play in six groups, four teams with good performance among the first and second-place teams in each group and the third-place teams will advance to the round of 16 tournaments.

“After the game, the French team coach said that we are a really good team and that we will be able to advance to the tournament because we have a chance in the rest of the game,” manager Byun said. “I think the same. “As a coach, I will play a game that wins the match against Burkina Faso with responsibility.”

The third match between Korea and Burkina Faso will be held at Harupat Stadium in Bandung at 9 p.m. on the 18th.

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