“They know exactly how to make a news virus”: Rashwin calls out cricket Australia antics

Borders-Gavasca Trophy has become a hot topic of debate over the past week or so, with much debate-inducing comments and posts shared on social media. Preparations for the upcoming India-Australia border-Gabasca Trophy have been as attractive as ever. Whether it’s Cricket Australia’s ‘replication’ Ravichandran Ashwin’s decision, comments from their former players or part of social media activities, the men of down under are doing every trick to gain more participation in the series. R Ashwin, who doesn’t mind telling his thoughts on delicate topics, has also decided to give his opinion on Australia’s antics before the series. 바카라사이트넷

“This Mahesh Pitiya made his debut at Baroda and pitched really well for them, too. But they provided the news in a way that immediately went viral. They know exactly what to do to make the news go viral and they’ve been doing this really well for quite some time now,” Ashwin said. “At the same time, Ian Healy said, “If you give me a fair wicket, Australia will win; if you give me a spinning wicket, India will win.” Because he also knows which statement will go viral and be controversial. We know the template, right? The family audience theme with 5 songs, 5 fights, 2 emotional scenes and 1 good climax will be a huge hit with a good opening scene from the Tala-Tala Party movie. They will say that it will be a hit at A-center and B-center.” On social media, Cricket Australia also shares some compelling content, such as India’s 36th all-out video, especially in the Adelaide Test. But Ashwin is very aware of the intent behind such posts.

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