The Wynn will get a big score with the encore performance

From the outside, they resemble each other’s striking appearance with a bronze tower that rises to the Las Vegas skyline. But when you step inside Win Las Vegas and the newly opened Encore Las Vegas, it’s pretty clear that the two casino resorts are far from identical twins. “Some people want to call an encore their sister,” says Rob Oseland, Encore’s chief operating officer. “And it comes from the fact that encores are definitely more sophisticated, more hip.” But the two properties complement each other pretty well, although they’re different in style and content. In fact, you get the feeling that it’s all part of the master plan. Absolutely.

Nine years ago, when Steve Wynn bought a 200-acre plot of land that was previously home to Desert Inn, he had a clear vision in his mind. In 2005, he opened the luxurious Wynn Las Vegas, complete with a 120-acre refurbished golf course called The Wynn Golf Club. But the 20-acre plot was reserved for future development, which will soon turn out to be the home of a $2.3 billion encore performance. “That’s why encore seems like a natural partner, not an afterthought to Wynn,” explains Oseland, who joined Wynn for the opening of Mirage, Treasure Island, and Bellagio. “We wanted to replicate the things that Wynn did well in encore and highlight the things that we wanted to do better.”

While a stroll through Wynn Las Vegas is certainly not a burden to the eye, the detailed emphasis on the design concept at Encore is noticeable. The walk from Wynn Casino Tower to Encore is concise and smooth. But you’ll find out at some point that the sudden appearance of vibrant butterflies made the transition from Wynn to Encore. Mosaic butterflies are ubiquitous in marble trails, on rolling red carpets throughout the resort, and even in light fixtures. According to the high-profile design team responsible for Wynn’s encore, they mean beauty, luck, and transformation. “I like the process of transformation,” said Roger Thomas, Encore’s executive vice president of design. “The butterfly represents the idea that we can all change for something higher, for the better.”

However, there are far more to the concept of encore design than just butterflies. Thomas literally traveled around the world to source the encore’s decorative elements, from Venetian glass mosaic floors and hand-finished chandeliers to Asian pearl inlaid wasabi marble. A pocket door outside the restricted Baccara lounge is surrounded by a pair of shiny peacocks embroidered with silk and metal gold. The host lounge was modeled after the Temple of Dendur, a Nubian temple built in Egypt around 15 B.C. The lobby bar and cafe feature sculptural interpretations of the goddess Daphne.

“When I was asked how long it took me to design the Encore, my answer was 57 years, because it took me all my 57 years of experience on this planet,” Thomas says. As well as the rooms, the principal of ABA Design, Todd-Avery Lenahan, who designed Angkor’s luxury spa, agreed. “It takes days, days, days, days to see all the nuances that come out here and that’s deliberately done,” says Lenahan. “[Anchment] is really an art in the true nature of a word.” 카지노사이트 순위

Opened on Dec. 22 after a 42-month accelerated construction process, Encore boasts more than 2,000 suites and 4.7 million square feet overall, but it still has a “boutique” feel. There is some intimacy to the resort when you move through the hallways and see natural light coming in from outside. And the vibrant scent you smell is real, thanks to thousands of fresh flowers throughout the building.

Win developers have attempted to create similar cosy environments in both Win Las Vegas and Win Macau, but not so far. One noticeable difference is that the distance between public spaces is shorter than expected at resort casinos, whether you’re moving from a casino to one of the five restaurants or to an elevator tower that takes you from a swimming pool to your room. “Customers don’t like wasting time walking from one place to the next,” says Oseland. “That’s why the walk time at Encore is 15 to 30 percent less than what you’ll find at most casino resorts.”

As Oseland mentioned, Encore supports Wynn rather than trying to clone it. Whatever Ancore lacks – a poker room, a buffet restaurant, or a sportsbook – can be found just a short walk from Wynn. However, Ancore also offers its customers some unique features that you won’t find on Wynn or anywhere else on the strip. “The Encore was built with the desire to be an outstanding resort in Las Vegas, but also affordable for regular guests,” says Oseland with confidence.

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