The Seven Springs Unveils Design To $5.4 Million Casino

Officials at Seven Springs Mountain Resort today unveiled a $5.4 million casino plan exterior design that will create about 350 new jobs for local citizens and millions of property tax breaks for Pennsylvania homeowners. Local, county, and state officials, business community leaders, and private residents also attended the event.

“We’re excited to build a facility that will benefit a lot of people in our area,” said Scott Bender, president and chief operating officer of Seven Springs. “Not only will Seven Springs’ new gaming location create jobs in an area of the state that is in dire need of it, but the state will be able to immediately help provide property tax relief to Pennsylvania homeowners, taking advantage of 1.2 million annual visitors. The significant revenue will also go to local and county governments. We look forward to requesting a Category 3 license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission.”

“Seven Springs was rated the best ski resort in the Mid-Atlantic, and the gaming facility will only improve its reputation,” said Ron Aldom, executive director of the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce. “It will only benefit our local businesses and the economy and create jobs that will keep more families. This is a great day for our region.”

“We are excited and look forward to attracting more visitors to the region with Seven Springs. We will be adding another amenity for visitors to enjoy while on the Laurel Plateau,” said Annie Urban, executive director of the Laurel Plateau Visitor Bureau. “This facility is intended to help our region grow.” 메이저 토토사이트

The proposed 26,900-square-foot gaming facility will be built on the Conference Center wing of the Main Lodge complex, giving convenient access to both car and night guests. The octagonal-shaped building will feature modest architecture and architectural treatments using native stone and exposed wood outside of wood and glass, which are designed to complement all existing resort facilities and landscapes. A 500-slot machine will require approximately 15,000 square feet. Of that, 1,900 square feet will be used for dining and seating. There will also be a bar and lounge area in the center of the gaming floor. “It was important for us that the design fits the theme of the mountain that visitors came to enjoy and appreciate,” Bender said. “Customers won’t see anything spectacular and neon-filled. It’s important for us to preserve the resort’s mountainous nature and family-first atmosphere that we’ve always enjoyed.”

The casino will be connected to a conference center off the main Lodge, so visitors won’t feel the need to walk past slot machines to get to their rooms, dining areas, or slopes. Following the resort’s long-standing commitment to safety, a state-of-the-art security system will be in place at the facility to ensure that our guests feel safe when visiting the resort.

“Seven Springs has always invested heavily in security for our guests,” Bender said. “We will spare no money in making sure visitors enjoy their experience.”

State law has created two Category 3 licenses for resorts and allows 500 slot machines. For example, Category 1 and 2 licenses allow the addition of up to 5,000 slot machines in racetracks and single-family parking lots.

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