“The Premier League is really good.”

According to the British media “HITC” on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), Panderpen mentioned his current life through Tottenham’s YouTube channel. Panderpen quickly adapted to the Premier League and became a key resource in the team.

He was asked, ‘Who is the most impressive player at Tottenham’s training ground?’ “It’s James Maddison,” Panderpen said. “He’s got very good qualities. I can already see his level on the field,” he said. 사설 토토사이트

“Honestly, when I came here, the level of all the players was too high. The Premier League is the best league,” he added.

Van der Penn, who has played for Wolfsburg since the last 2021-22 season, is a center back with excellent physical and athletic ability. He boasts the best strength in the team with tremendous speed. He scored one goal and two assists in a total of 36 games in the 2022-23 season. He started all 33 Bundesliga games.

When defending, he does not easily give space to his fast feet, physicality, and opponents, and has an excellent understanding of reading defense. Passes that poke teammates through the rear build-up are also stable. He is known as “the second van Dijk” because he is similar to Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), a Dutch national.

He is also a rare left-footed center back. He has a versatile ability to play not only the central defender but also the left side defender. Bayern Munich and Liverpool also received attention, but he preferred to go to Tottenham. It eventually completed the transfer for 50 million euros (about 71.2 billion won) this summer.

He is performing as well as high expectations. He is building a defensive line with Christian Romero, starting all seven games for Tottenham. It’s adding stability to Tottenham.

Meanwhile, Madison, who joined Tottenham this season along with Vanderpen, is also doing well. As an attacking midfielder, he is also very involved in game management and goal-making. He has two goals and four assists in a total of seven games.

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