The Heungkuk Life overwhelmed 43.33% of the Korea Expressway Corporation with 60.71% of the team’s attack success rate.

Korea Expressway Corporation had a much better reception efficiency of 61.90 percent than its opponent’s 29.41 percent, but it was regrettable due to unstable connections and dull attacks.

It was a toss-up in the beginning. At 4-4, Korea Expressway Corporation scored three consecutive points with Bae Yu-na’s fastball, Park Eun-ji’s serve ace, and the opponent’s offense. It ran away 7-4. Bae Yuna settled at 8-5, blocking Yelena’s rear attack with a solo block. Heungkuk Life chased 7-8 with Yelena’s rear attack and open consecutive attacks. Yelena’s quick open and Vukirich’s quick open out tied the score at 9-9.

Director Kim Jong-min called for Operation Time. Coach Kim ordered, “Don’t just prepare for a strong hit, but the potential players should actively dig back-to-back attacks,” and then told Park Eun-ji, “The ball doesn’t go out as I set while stepping away.” “If you get a reception, you have to get a seat quickly.” 온라인경마

Since then, Vukirich’s quick open has been out again. Heungkuk Life added Kim Mi-yeon’s open score to reverse the score to 12-10. The Korea Expressway Corporation requested a video reading related to net touch, but a no-touch decision was made.

Heungkuk Life made it 14-11 with Kim Yeon-kyung’s opening. Lee Won-jung made it 16-14 with pass paint as the Korea Expressway Corporation followed with two quick openings of Tanacha. The Korea Expressway Corporation deployed Jeon Sae-yan in place of the 14-15 West Gate Garden. Kim Yeon-kyung’s blocking net touch earned him a point after a long rally. Bae Yuna shook her opponent with a serve. When Kim Mi-yeon’s reception passed immediately, Tanacha succeeded in scoring an open score.

At 16-16, Heungkuk Life cut the flow with operational time. Kim Yeon-kyung’s open and rear attack made it 18-16. The road corporation let Moon Jung-won back into the court. I took out Tanacha and put in Lee Ye-eun. Since then, Heungkuk Life has made 20-18 with Yelena’s opening and quick opening. Kim Soo-ji entered the court instead of Kim Chae-yeon. After writing his second operation time, head coach Kim Jong-min told middle blocker Choi Ga-eun, “Please make sure to do the movements accurately, such as blocking and heresy connection.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance no longer allowed pursuit. Yelena’s rear attack and Kim Yeon-kyung’s quick open made it to 24-20. Lee Won-jung reached 25 points by blocking Tanacha’s quick open.