The Danish Gambling Industry’s Revenue Decline

Of course, the main cause is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had many unsavory negative consequences for the land casino industry. Besides casinos, sports betting shops also had difficulties in terms of income.

Gambling industry revenue (over the past six months) has fallen 19.2% (euro 362.6 million), according to a report by Spilmin-Dalden. In the second quarter alone, the market was down 32.8%. Profits in the bookmaking sector also fell 19.6% ($1.01 billion) as almost all sporting events around the world were canceled.

Not to mention the only vertical thing virtual casinos haven’t had coronavirus as many players switch to online gambling. Moreover, the sector has made a significant contribution to total revenue, as its Q2 dividend is more than 6% higher than Q2 2019. However, the overall growth rate seems to be slowing somewhat, higher than before the pandemic. 슬롯머신

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