Stakelogic Live Partner Launches “Chroma Key Studio” In Bingoal nl And Netherlands

Stakelogic Live, one of the most famous iGaming vendors, offers top-notch live casino content to a wide range of operators in the regulated European gaming market. This time, the developer focuses on the growing Dutch market and works with local operator Bingoal nl to launch a completely new studio in its jurisdiction and take the player experience to a completely new level.

Chroma Key Studio Launch:

Dutch operators can take advantage of Chroma Key Studios, the latest studio development produced by StarKelogic Live, to meet the needs of the most demanding players. In fact, with a green screen that allows you to make the most of your experience with customization and personalization, Bingoal nl can stand out from the audience and become the best operator in relation to the unprecedented gaming experience.

Netherlands-based features:

The online division of industry path search firm Stakelogic and the renowned Dutch operator agreed that Chroma Key Studio would stream games in Dutch based in the Netherlands, providing a domestic feel to the player community and ensuring fast and efficient customer service. Hosted by Bingoal nl , many other Dutch operators will be invited to project the brand onto each table. For the time being, seven-seat blackjack, blackjack, blackjack, and more European roulette will be released.

Premiere with Bingoalnl:

With the latest supply agreement, Bingoal nl will be the first operator to use StarKelogic Live’s Chroma Key Studio. But as far as other operators are concerned, the state-of-the-art facility is expected to soon become popular across Europe. The placement of the live studio represents another development in developers transforming games where content has become a must-have item in European operators’ game libraries, including the Netherlands, where Starkelog has collaborated with the most major casinos.

Olga Bajela, CCO of Stakelogic Live, commented on the recent launch. “Launching Chroma Key Studio in the Netherlands is a major milestone for StakeLogic Live. This allows operators to provide a unique and compelling player experience.” 슬롯머신

Bajela continued, “The fact that it can be delivered to multiple operators at a single table means that it is infinitely scalable, and it benefits both StakeLogic Live and its partners. We will be introducing Chroma Key Studio with Bingoal nl , and we are excited to be the first to enjoy the deeper brand experience that players can offer today.”

Build trust with participants:

Dany Salmon, Casino Product Manager at Bingoal nl , said, “Live casinos are very popular in the Netherlands and as operators, it is important that we provide our players with a unique experience. With Stakelogic Live’s Chroma Key Studio, we can do this in a way that strengthens the relationship between our brand and players as a destination for live content in the Netherlands.”

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