SON doesn’t seem to be able to go to the big club in the end… “There are no extension contract variables with Tottenham”

British media “Give Me Sports” reported on the 20th that “Tottenham Hotspur will not have any problems signing a contract with Son Heung-min.” Giveme Sports said, “Tottenham has already been busy extending its contract this season. It has extended its contract with Destiny Udo. We are seeking long-term contracts with Son Heung-min and Papesar.”

Son joined Tottenham in 2015. He has been a steady ace, scoring more than 10 goals for eight consecutive seasons in the Premier League. Notably, he served as the captain this season. He stood out as an “irreplaceable” resource in the offense, moving back and forth between the sides and the center striker. 스포츠토토

Manager Engie Postecoglou, who took the helm of Tottenham last summer, has full confidence in Son Heung-min. Giveme Sports said, ‘Discussions on the new contract between Son and Sar are expected to begin soon. Both players played important roles in the team under Postecoglou’s leadership. Son and Sar are at the center of the Postecoglou revolution.’

Son Heung-min is born in 1992. He will turn 32 next year. His best days as a soccer player are numbered. If he achieves a successful ending at Tottenham, where he spent most of his career, he will surely become a legend of the club.

However, it may be a pity for soccer fans who cannot be seen playing in world-class big clubs. Son Heung-min has been rumored to have moved to Liverpool and Real Madrid in the past, but if he signs a long-term contract with Tottenham again this time, he is actually the “last Tottenham.”

Tottenham has no experience of winning the title for 15 consecutive years since 2008. Son Heung-min also has no major championship trophy, although he is comparable to his personal career.

According to Give Me Sports, Paul Brown, a journalist familiar with Tottenham’s situation, said, “He became a key player even after Harry Kane left. Both Son and Sarr are happy at Tottenham. I don’t think there will be any obstacles to a long-term contract,” adding, “It is only a matter of time before renewing the contract.”

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