‘Shocked’ Doosan catcher prospect Park Yoo-yeon, DUI → Caught hiding his license suspension… Severe punishment inevitable

Park Yoo-yeon (25), a promising catcher of the Doosan Bears, was later found to have hidden his discovery from the club that he was caught drunk driving three months ago. Heavy punishment is expected to be inevitable as he did not report it to the club immediately after being caught.

According to a baseball official familiar with the news, Park Yoo-yeon was caught driving under the influence at the end of September during the 2023 KBO League regular season. He did not take the wheel immediately after drinking. He was caught in a police crackdown while driving a car the morning after drinking, and was suspended due to a hangover. 카지노사이트 순위

The problem is that Park Yeon-yu did not immediately inform the club of this. Doosan belatedly learned that Park Yeon-yu was caught driving under the influence through an anonymous informant’s contact this week. Doosan contacted Park Yeon-yu to find out the facts, and Park Yeon-yu admitted to this. Doosan has already taken measures to report to the KBO Clean Baseball Center.

Park Yoo-yeon, a native of Dongsan High School, achieved her professional dream by ranking 60th in the sixth round of the Doosan Bears in the 2017 Rookie Draft. After leaving one hit in three at-bats in three games in her first year since debut, she joined the military and fulfilled her mandatory military service, drawing attention as an offensive catcher who is stronger in batting than defense throughout her career.

In the first spring camp for Lee Seung-yeop, Park joined Jang Seung-hyun and Ahn Seung-han to compete for the second catcher position. However, he did not improve as much as expected and moved to Icheon, where he was informed to join the second team again after suffering a knee injury while on the rise with a batting average of 267 and an RBI in 10 games after the first call-up in August. Park had surgery on his left knee in early September, and made an irreversible mistake of driving under the influence of alcohol during his rehabilitation process.

Doosan planned to hold an audition for backup catcher to support Yang Eui-ji once again at next year’s Australian spring camp. Apart from Jang Seung-hyun, Ahn Seung-han and Kim Ki-yeon, Lee Seung-yeop considered how to utilize Park Yeon-yeop’s card, which is specialized for attacks, but he faced a ridiculous situation where applicants were eliminated even before the audition was held.

The Park Yoo-yeon incident is even more shocking because the KBO League suffered from a drunk driving scandal just three weeks ago. Bae Young-bin, a former member of Lotte Giants, was banned from driving under the influence at the end of October, did not inform the club, and was punished for 80 hours of community service for a one-year disqualification of the KBO and aggravation of the unreported part along with the release of the club.

According to the KBO League’s drunk driving punishment regulations, the first detection of a suspension of a license is a suspension of 70 games, and the first detection of a license cancellation is a one-year disqualification.

In addition to the KBO’s disciplinary action, the Doosan Bears will hold Park Yoo-yeon accountable for failing to report the loss of his team’s dignity by driving under the influence of alcohol. Heavy disciplinary action is inevitable.

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