See Steve Smith’s Amazing Numbers in the Ash

The world of cricket will be revealed once again, when England and Australia, the sport’s biggest rivals, face each other for the prestigious Ashburn. The cricket world will once again be revealed from June 16, when England and Australia, the sport’s biggest rivals, face off for the prestigious Ashburn, which has a history dating back to the 1880s.

The hosts will aim to avenge a 4-0 defeat in the 2021-22 season. Australia will also aim to win its first Ashes series in the UK in more than two decades. The hosts were also recharged by the ‘Bazball’ revolution brought by skipper Ben Stokes and manager Brendan McCallum, which saw England dominate their opponents with aggressive, aggressive and positive cricket aiming to win 11 of the last 13 Tests.

A lot of attention will be paid to Australian star hitter Steve Smith during the series. Smith is considered the most spectacular test hitter of this generation and one of the most prolific stars in the Ashes series. In the 97 test, Smith scored 8,947 points with an average of 60.04. He scored the 31st and 37th half centuries in his testing career, with a top score of 239. 스포츠토토

Smith had the second-highest batting average in cricket, behind fellow and legend Don Bradman (99.94), in the test of a player who scored 5,000 points. He is Australia’s fourth-highest scorer, and fifth overall in The Ash’s history. In 32 games, he averaged 59.68 with 3,044 points. He scored 11th century and 1150 runs in 56 innings with a best 239. Smith trails Steve Waugh (3,173), Alan Border (3,222), Jack Hobbs (3,636), and Don Bradman (5,028) on the running score chart and is aiming for a record season to break Hobbs’ record.

In addition to Bradman (19th century), Hobbs (12th century), and war (10th century), he is one of four players to record 10 centuries or more in the series. He’s a decade away from overtaking Bradman here and if he stays a few more years it could become a reality. Smith returned to Ashes 2019 after being suspended for a year for ball tampering and topped the batting chart with 774 points with an average of 110.57 in four tests and seven innings, consisting of three times in 50 years in the third century.

This is the fifth highest score by a single batter in a series, following Bradman (810 runs in five tests, 90.00 runs in three centuries) in 1936-37, Mark Taylor of Australia (83.90 runs in six games, 2nd century and 550 runs in two centuries), Wally Hammond of England (9 runs in five innings) and Bradman on July 139-29, 1928. Smith scored more than 500 points in three consecutive Ashes editions. In addition to 774 points in 2019, he scored 687 points in the 2017 Ashes, scoring 250 points in the 3rd century and topping the charts. In addition, in the 2015 Ashes, he scored 508 points in five games, averaging 56.44 points in the second century.

Bradman recorded more than 500 runs in five editions, the most in Ashes history. This is another aspect of Smith’s pursuit of Bradman. Smith has a record of being the only player in the Ashes to score 10 consecutive runs of over 50 points, starting running in Perth in December 2017 and ending in the Oval in September 2019. His scores during this period are 239, 76, 102*, 83, 144, 142, 92, 211, 82 and 80. He is also one of six Australian batsmen to score 100 runs in each of the two innings of the Ashes Test, in addition to Usman Khawaja, Matthew Hayden, Warren Bardsley, Arthur Morris and Steve Waugh. He scored 144 points and 142 points in the first Test in Birmingham in 2019.

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