Samsung’s “Big amount difference” Kang Han-ul said, “There is only option adjustment left…” Why is the FA negotiation difficult?

The Samsung Lions has turned to a strong stance in negotiations with internal FA infielders Kang Han-ul. Compared with other internal FA players Oh Seung-hwan and Kim Dae-woo, the temperature difference felt in their workings is clear. On the other hand, the players have agreed on a large framework, including the duration and total amount, to some extent, and left only adjustment of options,” expressing bewilderment.

Samsung’s general manager Lee Jong-yeol said in a phone call with Sports Chunchu on New Year’s Day, “Negotiations with Kang Han-ul have become difficult. Considering the amount the players want and the team’s salary cap, negotiations will not be easy.” 바카라

Looking at the workings alone, it seems as if the contract was difficult due to the player’s request for unreasonable conditions. In a telephone conversation on Thursday, Lee said, “The conditions requested by the player in the first place cannot be met. We called the players more than we thought. The duration and the amount of money were not enough for the team to afford.”

“Unacceptable conditions” that general manager Lee Jong-yeol said refer to conditions that players offered at the beginning of the negotiations. In summary, Kang’s representative and Samsung (management team leader) had several meetings after the FA market opened. At the end of November, the team presented the conditions for players to think first. Until then, the difference between the two sides seems to have been considerable. “There seems to be a difference of opinion,” Samsung replied, asking players to think about it over time.

After internal discussions, Samsung delivered an official offer on Dec. 20. The terms of the team are the same as those of Kia outfielder Ko Jong-wook, who signed the contract earlier, but the total amount is known to be slightly smaller. Samsung has included about a quarter of the options as options, but the players reportedly agonized over the details of the options. Three days later, Kang said they agreed on the options in a broad framework and requested to coordinate the options details.

However, since then, the club has not answered for more than 10 days, and suddenly remarks suggesting a breakdown in negotiations have begun, according to the player’s statement. In the big framework, such as the period and total amount, they thought they had reached an agreement and only needed to match the options, but the response is that it is difficult to understand why there is a “big difference.”

On the other hand, Samsung is in a different position. It is true that the offer was made, but the player did not give an answer quickly and accepted it as a negative signal. “I am certain that the offer was made like that. However, they talked about options after there was no answer,” said Lee Jong-yeol, general manager. “There is a priority that our team needs, and I am sorry, but Kang Han-ul has no choice but to be pushed back in the rankings. In fact, the contract should have been completed a long time ago, but it was not a situation to wait.”

Samsung, whose goal is to pass this winter without exceeding the salary cap, is calculated to have full salary cap even after signing contracts with players whose priority is already high. For starters, the FA contract for star player Oh Seung-hwan is up for grabs. The club and Oh have reportedly reached an agreement up to two years, but the difference in total amount is still quite large. Players are so motivated that they can come to the negotiation table in person because it is the first and last chance in their careers that they have waited a long time for. Negotiations are going into a long-term war as it is difficult to keep pace with players’ negotiation strategies that emphasize pride and symbolism rather than rationality.

In addition, bullpen pitcher Lim Chang-min appears to be on the negotiation list. Lee said, “Oh Seung-hwan is at stake. There are players from our team and players from other teams that I want to bring, so it’s not easy. We are not in a situation where we can do anything.” Another player from another team here is Lim Chang-min. It is calculated that if a player with priority is signed, the salary cap reaches the limit, and if a strong contract is added to it, the cap will exceed 100%.

To be cool-headed, it is true that Kang is not a priority in the composition of the Samsung squad. In the Samsung infield, there are players to be raised, including Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Ji-chan and Kim Young-woong, and multi-agent Ryu Ji-hyuk. Kang’s record last season was also not good with a batting average of 0.217 in 72 games and an OPS of 0.551. Just a year ago, he had high expectations for his outstanding performance with a batting average of 0.323 and an OPS of 0.773, but ended the important FA season with disappointing results.

However, it is assessed that it is an infield multi-position resource and has sufficient utilization value as it combines contact and focus. Samsung has been positively negotiating, but it seems that it has turned to a strong stance as the years have changed and various situations have changed. “I don’t know if I had signed the contract earlier, but it is a bit difficult because I am a subordinate in the current situation,” Lee said, expressing negative sentiment.

Of course, there is still some room left. Lee Jong-yeol said, “This is not an easy situation,” but he did not elaborate on the complete collapse. It is possible that internal traffic conditions were less organized as the head of the management team took over the baton while the team was conducting negotiations. For now, the club and the players are continuing their dialogue. Internal FA negotiations, which were expected to end easily and quickly, are stretching out longer and more slowly than expected.

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