Richard Brown Resigns As CEO Of Game Innovation Group

GiG announced yesterday that Richard Brown will resign as CEO of GiG from September 18, 2023, and will move to the position of advisory board until December 31, 2023, referring to the announcement by Gaming Innovation Group Inc. on May 29, 2023.

GiG launched a strategic review earlier this year with the intention of splitting the company into two separate companies to fully optimize growth opportunities and enable each business to take advantage of the strategic and financial flexibility of its unique business model. The split will create two industry-leading businesses with the potential to grow faster than the current corporate structure. Richard Carter was appointed CEO of Platform & Sportsbook in August, securing a strong and experienced leader for the division ahead of the company’s split plan. Jonas Warrer will continue to lead GiG Media as CEO of this division.

Peter Nylander, Chairman of the Board of Directors, will serve as Executive Chairman for the period until the proposed split is completed under the strategic review. 온라인경마

“We are very pleased with the process of splitting GiG into two separate companies to enhance scalability and increase shareholder value in the future,” Nylander said. “We now have two strong CEOs, Jonas Worrer of Media and Richard Carter of Platforms & Sportsbook, with full operational responsibility for each division. Richard Brown has been instrumental in making this possible and the board would like to thank Richard for his contributions to GiG over the years. We are pleased that Richard will be available by the end of the year to secure a successor.”

Brown will support the handover to Richard Carter and continue to provide support to the board through the end of the year. The move will give the two new CEOs full authority to advance their respective business segments while providing ample background support from Brown.

“GiG is in a tremendous position both strategically and operatively, and with Jonas and Richard now in a position to lead the division more successfully, it’s a great time to move into a supportive but non-operational role by the end of the year,” Brown said.

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