‘Real Madrid super-emergency!’ Supernova Vinicius is out for at least ’10 weeks’ with hamstring injury

Real Madrid are in a state of emergency. Supernova Vinicius Junior (23, Real Madrid) was seriously injured.

Real Madrid confirmed on the 19th that “Vinius injured his hamstring and was forced to sit out for a long time.” According to ESPN, Vinicius will have to sit out for at least 10 weeks.

Brazil’s national team Vinicius started in the South American qualifying round for the World Cup against Colombia on the 17th. He was in good form as he assisted Martinelli’s first goal in the fourth minute of the first half.

But Vinicius was injured and replaced in 27 minutes. Brazil, where Neymar is already out with a knee injury, suffered a 1-2 shock defeat to Colombia when even Vinicius left.

Real Madrid said, “Vinícius suffered a torn biceps in his left femur. This is also affecting hamstrings. The club will keep an eye on the player’s injury,” he announced.

Vinicius has already missed a month with a hamstring injury in August. The injury was found to be much more serious than at the time. 바카라사이트

Vinicius reassured fans by posting a message on his social media saying, “I’ll come back stronger.” However, the Real Club and the Brazilian national team are sighing over the departure of a young player in the midst of his good form.

In La Liga, Vinicius has four goals in 10 games. Real is in second place, two points behind the leader Girona. Vinicius’s departure also puts a brake on Real’s championship race.

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