Professor Jang Won-chul of Seoul National University appointed as an advisor to Lotte’s R&D team in professional baseball

Professor Jang Won-chul will serve as an advisor to the club’s R&D team for a year starting this month and will advise on the overall analysis of player data. The Lotte club said, “We will share feedback and development directions on the results of the existing analysis through the appointment of Professor Jang Won-chul as an advisor to the R&D team. He also said, “We expect the advancement of data analysis by jointly studying the linkage between the performances of other leagues such as Major League Baseball (MLB) and Japanese professional baseball and their performance in the KBO League.”

The team’s R&D team also plans to collaborate in various ways, including participating in career exploration seminars and major internship programs in various fields of Seoul National University.

Professor Jang Won-chul said, “I want to walk the path of a baseball data analyst once again with Lotte, which I dreamed of as a child, as a former reader of weekly baseball.” Like Professor Jim Albert of Bowling Green University, we will contribute to data-based baseball analysis. 바카라사이트넷

Jang Won-chul, a former president of the Korean Baseball Association, earned a Ph.D. in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University and is currently a professor of statistics at Seoul National University.

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