Pro Basketball Sono, Asia Quarter Change Veteran guard Kavanaugh hired

 Professional basketball team Goyang Sono announced on the 18th that it has signed Asia Quarter player Alex Kavanaugh (41, Philippines).The club added that existing Asia Quarter player Josh Torralba’s contract was terminated due to his thigh injury not fully recovering.Additionally, the Sono team explained that they needed a veteran to minimize the power leak caused by guard Lee Jeong-hyeon’s injury.

Kavanaugh, who signed a new contract, played an active part as the best guard in the Philippine league from 2005 to last year, winning nine championships and being selected as an All-Star eight times. Sono coach Kim Seung-gi said the reason for recruiting him was, “I highly evaluated his scoring ability and ability to lead the game, and the sense of stability that a veteran provides will help me outside of the game as well.”Once player registration is completed, Kavanaugh is expected to play in the game 카지노사이트킹 against SK in Seoul as early as the 21st.

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