“Power-Speed Prospects” MLBcom , Cho Won Bin’s favorable reviews

St. Louis Cardinals outfield prospect Cho Won-bin received attention from MLBcom, a major league media outlet.

MLBcom mentioned Cho Won-bin’s name on behalf of St. Louis in an article introducing promising players with both power and speed one by one in each club on the 12th local time.

Cho Won-bin, who started this season as ninth in the MLBcom-selected club prospect rankings, is spending the season in the top single A, which is in the third stage of the minor league.

It is hard to say that he has fully displayed his potential. He played in 43 games for Peoria, a top-ranked single, with a batting average of 0.204 with a on-base percentage of 0.287 with two homers, 15 RBIs and seven steals.

Nevertheless, MLBcom paid attention to his potential. When he first signed with the Cardinals, he was noted for his above-average power, but he also showed speed by stealing 39 times in Single A and Top A over the past two years.

The media went on to mention his groundout ratio of 54.5% as one of the reasons why there are still few home runs. 토토사이트 추천

Still, he expected to show better performance when the weather gets warmer, citing that he is still young enough to be a second-year college student in the U.S. age.

MLBcom introduced players with both speed and power in each club, regardless of their level.

James Wood (4th, Washington), Jordan Lawler (8th, Arizona), and Colson Montgomery (10th, White Sox), as well as Jackson Halliday (Baltimore), who ranks first in the Major League Baseball’s prospects rankings.

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