Park Min-ji, “I spit out while drinking vegetable juice.”What’s the worry of your 3-year-old sister?

Park Min-ji started in the 10th tee with Yang Chae-rin and Park Do-young in the 3rd round of the “Jeju Samdasoo Masters” (total prize money of 900 million won, winning prize of 162 million won) at Elysian Jeju Country Club (par 72/6,654 yards 본 main line of 6,684 yards) on Jeju Island on the 6th.

It was Park Min-ji’s first competition to return to Korea after tying for 37th place (6-under 278) at the LPGA Tour Evian Championship last month. 토토

Park Min-ji was disappointed that she recorded a double bogey on the last hole of the first round on the first day of the tournament, perhaps because she was less jet-lagged. It was fatal for Park Min-ji, who rarely makes mistakes. Still, he played in the third round without losing the cut.

Yang Chae-rin said to Park Min-ji, who drinks vegetable juice just before the tee shot in the third round, “Min-ji! “If you drink lactobacillus drinks before the game, you’ll be in big trouble,” he said, and Park Min-ji burst into laughter while drinking palm juice. Park Min-ji said, “Unni, I know that. “It’s Haru-ya-jae,” he said with a smile.

Perhaps Yang Chae-rin came up with the story because she was worried that Park Min-ji would go to the bathroom during the round if she drank a lactobacillus drink.

So Yang Chae-rin and Park Min-ji started the third round with a friendly and pleasant smile. Park Min-ji recorded a 2-under 70 in the third round and finished tied for 25th with a 1-under 287 in the fourth round.

Meanwhile, Ji Han-sol scored consecutive birdies in the last four holes of the fourth round to win the title with a come-from-behind victory. Ji Han-sol said, “I doubted whether I could do it in the second half, and I feel really good to be here like this. There were many favorite holes left in the second half. I thought the flow came as a long-distance putt went in at the par-5 hole (15H). He then said, “I gained a lot of confidence by recording a birdie again at the par 3 hole (16H).”

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