Online casino megabuses may have numerous new releases, but relatively few of them can really be called “new.”

Some people can add a win multiplier here and there, some have more attractive designs than others, but most are almost indistinguishable when it comes to the content of the game.

Rumble in the Jungle

There’s quite a bit to cover here about the basics of this game.

When starting the game, the player chooses one of the four characters. Some bonuses are distributed depending on whether the selected character matches the character appearing in a given round, but all four are the same from a statistical perspective.

The basic play consists of two wheels rotating. The two wheels are turned sideways and look like slot reels. The first wheel determines the outcome of the game, while the second wheel determines the possible multiplier. Both wheels are divided into 43 segments.

Gamblers can choose from a total of eight betting options: 1, 2, and bonus bets included below. RTP can vary greatly depending on the bettor you choose, but from a mathematical point of view, a simple No. 2 bet is by far the best. This provides a completely superior RTP of 97.63%.

Bonus Round

Few titles can match this when it comes to basic play betting offers that offer such outstanding odds.

There are more than six bonuses

Jungle Royal

Players throw randomly selected items to franchise villain Van Felt, with each successful hit added to the size of the multiplier of the dividend. The round earns 4-27 times the revenue, but the multiplier far exceeds that figure and can increase the size of the win.

Monkey Valley

Participants who try to get the biggest reward of choosing between dangerous cliffs and three low-risk, medium-risk, high-risk bridges will fall to zero if the monkeys completely destroy the bridge they chose. Our advice? Avoid high-risk legs altogether. Choosing an 80% failure rate, especially in bonus features, is silly!

Snake Byte

Gamblers can choose three cards from a special deck that contains basket cards, detox cards, and snake cards. It’s best not to be bitten by a poisonous snake, just like life.

Wild Spin

A wheel game within a wheel game, this animal-themed feature can increase in value several times if the lispin and character segments are broken well.

I’m going to touch you

This feature is very similar to a board game, just like the source material. The minimum payment is 40 times, but you can collect severe multipliers during the function.

a rhino race

This super volatile feature is like Monkey Valley on steroids. There are boxes, jewelry, charging rhinos, and multipliers. The range of wins is 5 to 630 times! 슬롯머신사이트

Saving Jumanji

There are several ways to make this bonus work, and two distinct variations.

The first of these occurs when the Jaguar Head appears on both reels, and can be enjoyed by any active betting player. Choose one of the four characters at random to “save Jumanji”. All gamblers who choose the character receive 11 times the prize money. Players who choose other characters receive five times the prize money instead.

However, there is a different version called Saving Jumanji: Next Level. This can be triggered by Jumanji’s Road and Rhino Running Bonus. When this version is active, only players who participated in the bonus round and those who have selected the winning option will be eligible to participate. This variant is simple but lucrative: random dividends between 100x and 1,570x are given.

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