NOGA Claims New Norms for Gambling Advertising in U.S

The Dutch Online Gambling Association (NOGA) has expressed doubts about gambling advertising rules in the media. NOGA commented on the positive impact of quantitative restrictions on online gambling. According to NOGA’s Peter Paul De Goey, protection from gambling advertising is still insufficient. Currently, there are restrictions on three gambling ads per block of the Internet. NOGA thinks it’s not enough to protect sensitive minors from gambling. And the main issue is that operators can advertise offline offers. 메이저 토토사이트

Obviously, operators are seeing opportunities to share products on the platform, where people can see too much content, especially some kind of gambling content, NOGA says. Even TikTok advertising policy allows gambling operators to advertise products. Since June 2019, NOGA has been actively asking social media platforms, online and land-based operators and gambling providers to set up a code for the number of gambling ads in the Netherlands.

If there are no restrictions on Internet gambling content, domestic gambling advertisements can be completely banned, increasing the frequency of illegal gambling sites.

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