My dad is a baseball legend…What is the choice of a 17-year-old volleyball player and a daughter fool father who stole her heart?

LG Twins legend’s simple dream of watching a game while drinking beer with his family in the stadium came true at the volleyball court. It was neither a baseball stadium nor beer, but his father was full of happy smiles for two hours. It was because his daughter, who was not sick even when she saw him, enjoyed the game.

Park Yong-taek, who has been active in an entertainment program with a baseball commentator since retirement, visited the stadium to watch volleyball with his daughter Solbi (17) at the Suwon Gymnasium on Sunday afternoon.

Having inherited her father’s tall stature and athletic sense, Solbi’s favorite sport is volleyball, not baseball. After entering Jeju International School two years ago, Solbi also chose volleyball among various sports club activities on campus. Solbi’s affection for volleyball was so different that she even took volleyball lessons before entering school. 안전놀이터 추천

There was a reason. This is because of Lim Sung-jin, 24, who joined KEPCO in 2020. Many female fans are enthusiastic about Lim’s talented look, which resembles actor Kim Soo-hyun, and his volleyball skills, which have grown every season. Solbi also picked Lim Sung-jin as her favorite athlete in an entertainment program that she starred with her father, Park Yong-taek, without hesitation.

Sitting in the stands with her father during the vacation, Solbi’s hands were busy watching her favorite player in front of her eyes. She constantly picked up her cell phone and filmed Im Sung-jin’s every move. “I visited the volleyball court with my daughter because she is a fan of Im Sung-jin,” Park Yong-taek said, smiling with satisfaction throughout the session. Although he is not a volleyball commentator, it was nice to see him point his finger at the court whenever he got a score.

When the game ended, Park Yong-taek went down to the court and shook hands with Lim Sung-jin happily. The two have become friends through broadcasting activities. Park Yong-taek held a cell phone to take a commemorative photo of his daughter and Lim Sung-jin. All fathers in the world are stupid.

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