Brazilian national team forward Rodriguez (Real Madrid) has complained of being the target of racism on social media after an altercation with the “God of Soccer” Lionel Messi (Inter Miami).”There are always racists,” he wrote on Instagram on Nov. 23 (local time). They invaded my social media with insults and bullshit,” he wrote on Instagram. “If we don’t behave the way they want us to, if we don’t keep our heads down when they attack us, racists commit criminal acts,” he said, adding, “I wish them bad luck. We will not stop,” he added .Hodriguez was involved in an altercation with Messi during a home South American qualifier for the 2026 North and Central American World Cup against “South American rivals” Argentina that turned into an unexpected bloodbath on Nov. 21.The match at the Maracanã main stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was disrupted before kickoff when fans of both teams clashed in the stands, delaying kickoff by 27 minutes.

Fans wearing both national jerseys clashed during the national anthem, with some spectators vandalizing and throwing chairs .Brazilian police were called in to disperse the crowd with batons, and a fan was seen lying on the ground, bleeding, while Messi and other Argentine players walked off the field and into the locker room .The game was played after a series of twists and turns, but the emotions of the players on both sides were not good, with Hodriguez getting into a heated exchange with Messi, Argentina’s soccer hero. According to Argentine media outlets TycSport and the Daily Mail, Hodriguez initially got into an argument with Rodrigo DePaul (Atletico Madrid), but when Messi intervened, he switched sides .When Hodriguez called Messi a “coward,” Messi responded by saying, “We’re world champions, why are you scared?” according to the Daily Mail.

Hodriguez was born in 2001, making him 14 years younger than Messi, who was born in 1987.In the match, veteran defender Nicolas Otamendi (Benfica) scored the winning goal 18 minutes into the second half to give Argentina a 1-0 victory. Messi said after the game: “It was a great win in Maracanã. This game will go down in history as a repression against Argentina in Brazil,” he said, 카지노사이트 emphasizing that “it’s unacceptable, it’s crazy, and it has to end.”

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