Men’s figure skating ‘New History’ written… Kim Hyun-gyeom is the silver medal for the Junior Grand Prix Final ‘Best ever by a Korean player’

Figure skating men’s single Kim Hyun-gyeom (17, Han Dae-jung) has made a new history in Korean men’s figure skating.

Kim Hyun-kyum scored 146.60 points in the men’s single free skate at the 2023-24 ISU Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix Final in Beijing, China on the 9th (Korea time), adding 75.03 points for technical score (TES), 72.57 points for art score (PCS), and 1 point for deduction.

Kim, who took the lead in the short program two days ago with 77.01 points, accumulated a total of 223.61 points, including her free skate scores. Unfortunately, she upset Japan’s Rio Nakata by 4.16 points, but proudly ranked second. 카지노사이트 순위

Kim Hyun-kyum is the first Korean male athlete to win a silver medal in the Junior Grand Prix Final. The best record so far was Cha Jun-hwan’s bronze medal in the 2016-17 season, and Kim Hyun-kyum made a new history in figure skating beyond Cha Jun-hwan in seven years. Cha Jun-hwan’s bronze medal was the last time a Korean player won the final in the men’s singles junior Grand Prix.

The Junior Grand Prix Final is the “King of Kings” in which six top performers in each event participate in the Junior Grand Prix series, which was held from the 1st to the 7th rounds. The best performers in a season compete, and it is all the more meaningful that Kim Hyun-kyum achieved the best performance ever on this stage.

In particular, the news that Shin Ji-ah (Yeongdong Middle School) won the silver medal in women’s singles on the previous day was reported, and Kim Hyun-kyum also took the podium, marking a double celebration. This is the first time in the history of Korean figure skating that both male and female athletes are on the podium.

Lim Joo-hun (Suri High School), who also participated in the competition, also ranked fourth. Lim received a total of 136.27 points, including TES 64.81 points and PCS 71.46, in free skating on the day, adding 73.72 points from the previous day’s short program to rank fourth with a total score of 209.99.

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