“Legendary Park Ji-sung” was also amazed! “Two Koreans are at the top of the EPL scoring list, I didn’t imagine.”

The English Premier League is currently experiencing the “Korean Guy” sensation. While Son Heung-min, a long-time star of Tottenham, has reached the 10 goal mark in 16 games and is the only third in the scoring rankings by announcing his resurgence in the 2023/24 season, Wolverhampton striker Hwang Hee-chan has also scored eight goals to rank fifth in the scoring rankings.

Foreign media seem to be surprised by their explosive scoring. In particular, both Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan are receiving more compliments as they score three to four goals, compared to the number of shootings and their expected score (xG). Both Son and Hwang are currently ranked first or second in the Premier League in goal-getting ability. “Monster striker” Elling Holan (14 goals) and “Living Legend” Mohamed Salah (11 goals) are also considered “Korean Guy” in goal-getting ability. 카지노사이트 순위

Meanwhile, JS Foundation Chairman Park Ji-sung (Jeonbuk Hyundai Director), who joined Manchester United (Manchester United) in 2005 and opened a new chapter in Korean soccer, also noted the explosion of scoring by his juniors.

In an interview immediately after the 12th JS Foundation Talent Student Fund Delivery Ceremony held at Suwon World Cup Stadium on the 14th, Chairman Park Ji-sung praised the Korean juniors in Europe and highlighted the two’s top scoring performance.

The JS Foundation Talent Student Fund Delivery Ceremony, which began in 2012, is a lifelong business that Chairman Park Ji-sung always takes care of even in the midst of COVID-19. This year, 23 elementary, middle and high school students who stand out in sports such as soccer, swimming, ice skating, and handball, as well as studies, violins, and computers, received awards from Chairman Park Ji-sung, raising their future.

After the award ceremony, Chairman Park Ji-sung expressed his high expectations for the Asian Cup championship, which is just a month away. He recalled his stellar performance as a Korean leaguer in the Premier League, which he had enjoyed for eight years.

Chairman Park Ji-sung said, “I also played in the Premier League, but I never imagined that a Korean player would be the top scorer, and Son Heung-min did it for me,” and added, “This time, two players (Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan) were in the top rankings. I am proud and proud to prove how much Korean soccer has developed, how much the players have improved, how much they have improved, how much they can compete with other players in Europe in terms of their skills, and that they can show their skills.”

Chairman Park Ji-sung not only encouraged Korean players while traveling all over Europe, but also promoted Korea by running a coffee car with his best friend Patrice Evra in his hometown. Chairman Park explained, “It was so good to see that everyone is living abroad well.”

“I didn’t meet all the players in Europe, but I went to Mitwillan (Denmark), went to Celtic (Scotland), Wolverhampton, Bayern Munich, Stuttgart (Germany), and met the players, and I knew that ‘the players are doing really well’. I also felt that they were impressing me firsthand from their teammates and coaches, and I felt good that I came here,” Park said. “Many Korean players were recognized through their good performances in Europe, and unlike me, they were quite active and had relationships with other players, which was very good.”

Specifically, it was evaluated that European players did not feel any major problems with the language, so they were quick to adapt. “Most of the players are doing so well,” Park said. “Jung Woo-young (Stuttgart) speaks German so well. He has no problem communicating with the players. Hwang Hee-chan also spent several seasons (three seasons) at the Wolverhampton, and he seems to be doing well (in playing) as he is free from communication between players.”

In addition, players who just went to Europe expected to adapt soon. “Young Celtic players (Oh Hyun-kyu, Yang Hyun-joon and Kwon Hyuk-kyu) who just went to Europe were adapting themselves to life in Europe by learning English hard. I think I have a lot of emotions that I felt when I first went to Europe (PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands). From my point of view, it was a time that reminded me of the past,” Park said.

Naturally, he wanted to continue his active career as a player. He was caught on the TV crying while watching the ground before the final postseason game of the SSG this year. However, he never made his decision public. He discussed with his family and the club beforehand. Some thought that he should decide when to retire someday. Born in 1982, most of his friends retired and are living their second lives as coaches, broadcasters and commentators. He also knows that it is near the time, and has been agonizing over when and how to retire.

Although they knew each other, they were able to share the same room for the first time as a coach and a player. However, Lee knows better than anyone how veteran players feel about retirement. He has experienced it himself. Lee, a native of the Hyundai Unicorns, retired from the Heroes as an active player. Lee said there were many cases in which he was hurt and hurt his pride in the process. “As veteran players are pushed to retire, there are many difficulties facing each other. I know how they feel better than anyone else. We should make concessions to each other and coordinate areas where we can play our role until the end,” Lee said.

When announcing his retirement decision, Choo said, “I agonized a lot with my family during the off-season. Whenever that happened, I could see SSG, fans’ support, and most of all, younger players. That’s how much I loved baseball and the team. I pondered on my future career path with the team. The team and the new coach needed me and respected my opinion. Next year’s performance is important, but I want to contribute to the team by sharing my experiences and thoughts while training with younger players at the Futures team anytime, depending on the team’s situation,” he said.

While having some time to agonize over, Choo delivered to his team a plan for fan service covering various areas that he had shown interest in, including gifts for his signature-faulting uniform, special signing events, and support plans for Ama baseball. The team also expressed its willingness to actively help. Plans to donate will also follow. Since coming to the KBO League, Choo has donated more than 2.4 billion won (2.4 million U.S. dollars). In addition, he has been giving personal gifts to his staff members who clean and drive after the end of the season. In this regard, a more meaningful move is expected to take place in the final season. “I think it is time to put an end to the 23 years of baseball in the U.S. and Korea since 2001. As it is the last season, I would like to present meaningful memories regardless of home or away fans with gratitude to the fans who have supported me,” Choo said.

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