“Lee Kang-in is PSG…” Simeone silent on transfer rumors, Korea Football Reports “He is improving and being recognized”

“Korean football is developing and gaining recognition.”

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone 스포츠토토 showed “honour” to Korean football.

Atletico Madrid will be on the 27th. September at Seoul World Cup Stadium against the K-League is an off-season friendship. Atletico Madrid came on the 25th. April to Incheon International Airport.

At the official press conference on the 26th. Seoul World Cup Stadium said to Coach Simeone, “Thank you for your hospitality. Since I arrived at the airport, many people have been waiting for you. It was the same in the accommodation. I will. We had our first training session. What we’re trying to do is jet lag. It’s important to be competitive with other teams. We want to play the first game with excitement, hope, zeal, etc. play and share the joy with the people who came to the football field. Team K “I know the league manager is good. I think it’ll be fun. All players will be given plenty of time. We want to make sure all the fans have access. We intend to provide the same time.”

Atletico Madrid is considered one of the three leaders of the Spanish Primera Liga along with FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. In terms of the number of league titles, she ranks Real Madrid (35 times) and FC Barcelona (27 times). Argentine coach Simeone, who has become a famous midfielder during his active career, has been in power for over 10 years since 2011. He won the league in the 2013-2014 and 2020-2021 seasons. Atletico Madrid launches off-season tournaments against Team K League and Man City, followed by Mexico and the Western United States.

Coach Simeone said, “We didn’t win last season. Our goal is to finish in the top four of the league and go to the European Champions League. We always want to win and win in all competitions. We will fight for it together. I think it’s decided. I think it’s important to finish the first half well and sink into the second half. There were a lot of injured players. We’ve reinforced a lot of young players. I think that part was good. We’re gonna win a lot of games. “The transfer window isn’t over yet. We want to strengthen our team. It’s important to achieve our goals.”

Atletico Madrid is known to have attracted attention to Lee Kang-in, who was recently transferred to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Coach Simeone said, “There were rumors that he was interested. Lee Kang-in signed a contract with PSG. I’ll take a good look at the new face tomorrow and watch it.”

As for coach Hong Myung-bo, who took the lead in the K-League, he added, “I will shake hands with coach Hong when I go to the stadium. We plan to share memories of the World Cup.”

On the other hand, Captain Koke said, “Thank you for your hospitality. Everyone, me too, has been grateful since I arrived. Ever since I got to the airport, I’ve had a lot of affection from the fans. I’ll see you,” he promised.

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