Lee Jung-hoo and Choo Shin-soo are all over the world! A total of $131.82 million is invested in SF transfer fees

New York Post reporter John Heyman said on SNS on the 13th (Korea time) that Lee Jung-hoo signed a six-year $113 million contract with the San Francisco Giants. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

If San Francisco adds up to the posting costs (transfer fees) that it has to pay to Kiwoom Heroes, the total expenditure exceeds $130 million (about 170 billion won). In 2013, Choo Shin-soo signed a seven-year $130 million contract with Texas, recording the highest ransom for an Asian batter.

Although San Francisco has not made an official announcement, most U.S. media, including MLB.com , followed by Heyman, and the contract seems to be wrapping up if there is no major upset.

In the early days of the stove league, U.S. media predicted that Lee Jung-hoo would sign an annual contract worth $10 million (about 13 billion won). The $10 million was high enough because Ryu Hyun-jin, who entered the Major League through posting earlier, had an average of $6 million (about 8 billion won) and Kim Ha-sung had 7 million dollars (about 9 billion won).

In fact, ESPN predicted 63 million dollars for five years, 50 million dollars for Major League Trade Rumors (MTR) for five years, and 56 million dollars for four years for The Athletic.

However, according to The Athletic, working-level officials in the Major League had different opinions. The Athletic said, “Lee was a low-ranking player in the FA’s initial expectation. I have never seen him in person. However, it has been clearly revealed in the industry that Lee can be the best target for any team that needs a center fielder position,” signaling that Lee’s ransom will be even greater than expected.

Those who pay less than 25 million U.S. dollars will be charged 20 percent of the guaranteed amount. Those who pay more than 25 million dollars and less than 50 million dollars will have to pay an additional 17.5 percent for the amount exceeding 25 million dollars. Those who pay more than 50 million dollars will have to pay 15 percent of the excess amount.

Therefore, Lee Jung-hoo will add 20% of 25 million dollars ($5 million), 17.5% of 25 million dollars exceeding 50 million dollars ($4.375 million), and 15% of 63 million dollars exceeding 113 million dollars ($9.45 million).

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