LCK master, Yoon Subin and Ana’s new challenge…”I’m in charge of hosting the eK League.”

Announcer Yoon Soo-bin, who joined LCK in June 2020 with announcer Lee Jung-hyun, appeared in a leg cast at the profile photo shoot ahead of the summer season and walked around to greet the players. At the time, many officials could not hide their surprise to see him walking around while wearing a cast.

Until now, there has been a strong perception that announcers are “people who pass by to get a better job” in e-sports. Even among professional sports announcers, the perception of e-sports announcers was not good. Officials also expected that announcer Yoon would leave if there was a better place. 메이저 토토사이트

However, announcer Yoon Soo-bin has been working as a homebody for LCK and has set the record for the longest duration of analysis at the analysis desk. Last year, Yoon served as interviewer and analysis desk at the League of Legends World Championship.

In the middle of the 2023 season, announcer Yoon Soo-bin took on a new challenge. She is the MC of KBSN Women’s Basketball Magazine, a women’s basketball information program.

An official from KBSN’s announcer bureau told a reporter at the time, “I was worried when I heard they were recruiting from outside, but they were very good when we were on air.” “It’s hard to pronounce basketball terms because there are many foreign languages, but I was surprised to see them digest them easily. They are really good.”

There have been rumors that announcer Yoon Soo-bin will leave LCK after the 2023 season as he is the MC of a professional sports information program, but he is still active as an LCK master.

Announcer Yoon Soo-bin has taken on a new challenge again. Announcer Yoon, who is active in both e-sports and professional sports, will host the FC online eK League, which will open at the Vita 500 Coliseum in Jamsil on the 19th.

Announcer Yoon Soo-bin said, “As always, a new beginning brings different kinds of excitement. I will do my best this time, too,” vowing, “I will do my best in everything you have entrusted me to become a person who has a better influence on e-sports, which has become my life itself since some time ago.”

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