Kim Min-jae was cited as the most disappointing example of his failed transfer. This is the case of Igli Tare, the general manager of SS Lazio

“Iglie Tare, who served as general manager of SS Lazio, left a deep regret over the move that he failed to make,” global sports media outlet Gol Dotcom said on Sunday (Korea Standard Time). “Kim Min-jae is one of them.”

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Fenerbahce SK in 2021 after moving to Jeonbuk Hyundai and Beijing Guoan, continued to grow rapidly every year and moved to SSC Napoli in 2022. Recognized as the best defender in the league, he later joined Germany’s best “giant” Bayern Munich ahead of the 2023-2024 season. 스포츠토토

Kim Min-jae has established himself as an indispensable main player in Bayern Munich this season. As soon as he entered the German stage after leaving the SSC Napoli last summer, he became the starting player.

In fact, Kim was expected to stage fierce competition against Dayo Upamecano and Mathias the Licht, who had worked together until last season. However, as Upamecano and The Licht were hurt alternately when the season opened, Kim had to play tirelessly. The competition for the starting position was not a problem, but controversy over overwork.

Igli Tare, who has served as Lazio’s general manager for 14 years since 2009, talked about the unfortunate transfer that he couldn’t make it when he was general manager.

“When Javier Pastore was at the Argentine club, I contacted the wrong agent and got the wrong information in the end. When Edinson Cavani was with Palermo, he wanted a transfer. But Palermo did not want Cavani to move to Lazio,” he said.

Then came Kim Min-jae’s name. “Another unfortunate example is Kim Min-jae. When he was in Shanghai (I guess he was mistaken for Beijing), we sent him a transfer offer, but he ultimately chose Fenerbahce.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae’s team, Munich, has a headache. This is because Kim Min-jae will be selected as a member of the Korean national team at the AFC Asian Cup Qatar in January.

German media “Avent Zeitung” said on the 22nd, “It was enough for Kim Min-jae to capture the hearts of Munich fans. He is consistent and reliable, and there are some adaptation problems (Bayern, Naples, Istanbul, Beijing Guoan, four clubs and four leagues in four years) and there are minor problems, but the conclusion is that he can be trusted.”

“Kim Min-jae rarely lost in the competition for ball ownership as well, with 64.32 percent winning, ranking ninth in the league in this category. His pass success rate is 94.95 percent, ranking second in the league statistics. Coach Thomas Tuchel likes Kim Min-jae’s simplicity and clarity, and with him, even ordinary passes can be straight and clear.”

“Coach Tuchel has calculated that Kim Min-jae will miss at least five matches, which has created a big concern for him. Korea is aiming to win the Asian Cup. Four days after the final match on Feb. 10, Munich will play the first leg of the round of 16 Champions League against SS Lazio,” the media said, adding that there is an important match against Lazio after Kim Min-jae’s absence and the absence.

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