Kim Jun-woo, First Korean Swimmer to Win a Silver Medal

Kim Jun-woo Wins Silver Medal in Men’s 1500m Freestyle at World Junior Swimming Championships

Last year in Peru, Yang Ha-jeong placed third and received her first ever medal…

As Kim Jun-woo wins Korea’s first silver medal

Kim Jun-woo (15, Gwangseong High School) became the first Korean swimmer

to win a silver medal at the World Junior Championships.

Kim Jun-woo

It was Kim Jun-woo took second place in the men’s 1,500m freestyle at the 2023 World Junior Championships

held in Netanya, Israel on the 10th (Korean time) with a time of 15 minutes 01.94 seconds.

Kim Jun-woo is the second Korean athlete to win a medal at the 9th World Junior Swimming Championships,

which was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the first time in 2006.

Last year, Ha-jeong Yang took third place in the women’s 100m butterfly at the Peruvian Games,

giving Korean swimming its first ever World Junior Championships medal. 온라인카지노

Kim Jun-woo was the first Korean junior athlete to receive a silver medal.

The Men’s 1,500m Freestyle

In this competition, the men’s 1,500m freestyle did not have separate preliminaries and finals,

but the final rankings were determined by combining the records of 27 athletes divided into three groups.

Kim Jun-woo, whose previous personal best was 15 minutes 31.51 seconds,

was not included in the ‘top group’ (Fastest Heat) and swam in group 2 of athletes with lower records (Slowest Heat 2).

However, his skills were at the top level among juniors.

Kim Jun-woo recorded a time of 15 minutes 01.94 seconds, beating his personal record by 29.57 seconds.

Kuzey Tuncelli

In the top group, there was only one athlete who finished the race faster than Kim Jun-woo, Kuzey Tuncelli (16, Turkey) with 14 minutes 59.80 seconds.

Tuncelli won two gold medals in the competition, including the 800m freestyle (7 minutes 48.75 seconds).

Zhang Zhanshuo (16, China), who took second place in the top group, recorded a time of 15 minutes 11.94 seconds.

In the final rankings, Kim Jun-woo took second place, ahead of Zhang Zhanshuo.

Kim Jun-woo placed 5th in the men’s 200m freestyle (1 minute 48.24 seconds) and 6th place in the 400m freestyle (3 minutes 50.67 seconds) at this competition.

In the 1,500m freestyle event held on the last day of the competition,

she proudly stood on the podium and won a shining silver medal.

Peruvian Games

At the Peruvian Games last year, when he was a third year student at Changcheon Middle School,

Kim Jun-woo took 14th place in the men’s 400m freestyle with a time of 3 minutes 58.16 seconds and 9th place in the 1,500m with a time of 15 minutes 50.88 seconds.

In just one year, Kim Jun-woo advanced to the finals in three individual events and rose to second place in the 1,500m freestyle.

Kim Jun-woo participated in the general division at the Korean national team selection event held in March and ranked second in the 400m freestyle and fourth in the 1,500m,

emerging as a ‘scary junior’ who threatens the adult national team.

At this World Junior Championships, his international competitiveness was confirmed.

Park Si-eun (16, Gangwon Physical Education High School) ranked 5th in the women’s 200m breaststroke with a time of 2 minutes 26.64 seconds.

Kim Do-yeon (14, Jeonbuk weight), who competed in the women’s 100m butterfly,

also took 5th place with a time of 58.94 seconds.

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