Kim Ha-sung and Lim Hye-dong filed additional charges of defamation, “groundless facts of conventional assault.”

Kim Ha-sung (28, San Diego Padres), who is fighting for the truth with Lim Hye-dong (27), a baseball player-turned-junior, over allegations of habitual assault and blackmail, filed an additional complaint against Lim for defamation.

According to Kim Ha-sung’s agency Summit Management on the 11th, Kim Ha-sung’s side filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station on defamation charges because some of the remarks Lim recently made on the YouTube channel “Garo Sero Research Institute” (Gase-yeon).

In an interview video released at Gaesyeon on the 7th, Lim made remarks to the effect that he was habitually assaulted by Kim Ha-sung in addition to controversial drinking parties.

“What Kim Ha-sung did best was to ruthlessly assault me and kneel down. I think I was being gaslighted without realizing it,” he said. “I was beaten three times, and it was too common to throw a bottle of alcohol or hit the back of the head while driving.” 메이저 토토사이트

In 2021, Kim Ha-sung had a physical fight with Lim while drinking at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul. At that time, it was a period of collective ban due to COVID-19. There was a risk that the military service exemption he received for winning the Asian Games in 2018 could be canceled if it was revealed that Kim Ha-sung violated this and drank and assaulted him. In addition, 2021 is the first year that Kim Ha-sung entered the Major League. There was a risk that he would give up his big league life.

Taking advantage of the fact that he was a soldier at the time, Lim demanded money in the name of the settlement, and Kim paid him 200 million won in 2021 and 2022 on the condition that he did not directly or indirectly contact Kim or engage in any disadvantageous acts. However, he said he has filed a complaint with the police to prevent further damage by repeating acts that violate the agreement, such as asking for more money.

The two sides are fighting a battle for truth by making conflicting claims over habitual assault and blackmail.

The police investigated Kim Ha-sung as a complainant on the 6th and called in people around Kim Ha-sung as a reference for two days from the 8th to the 9th.

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