“Jidan-What I couldn’t even do with a dodge ball” Real defender praises him for his performance in “145.6 billion MF.”

I couldn’t hide my surprise about the quick adaptation.

Local soccer media “Yardbacker” reported on the 20th, “Aitor Caranca, who played for Real Madrid as a player, praised Jude Bellingham (20, Real Madrid).”

Karanka said, “I’ve played with Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo. However, when I first moved to Real Madrid as two players, I needed time to adjust,” he said. “But Bellingham looks like a player who has played for Real Madrid for 10 years,” he said, praising Bellingham.

Bellingham is one of Europe’s most high-profile midfielders this season. After leaving Birmingham City to join Borussia Dortmund in 2020, he has grown into a so-called “hexagonal midfielder” with no shortcomings. He was a player with various strengths such as accurate passes, forward dribbles, strong shooting and active ball competition ability. 경마사이트

Many big clubs who have recognized their talent have expressed interest in Bellingham. The final destination was Real Madrid. Real Madrid invested a whopping 103 million euros (about 145.6 billion won) in Bellingham.

Real Madrid’s investment so far is a ‘huge success’. Bellingham has been reborn as the ace of Real Madrid, showing off his strong scoring ability following the aforementioned strengths. He has scored 13 goals and three assists in 14 games in all competitions. In particular, in La Liga, he is leading the league in scoring with 10 goals in a total of 11 games. In addition, he received the Copa Trophy at the Ballon d’Or ceremony on the 31st of last month, which was awarded to the player who performed the best in the year.

Showing his brilliant talent, he is compared to Real Madrid legends Zidane and Figo by Caranca. As players, the two were part of Real Madrid’s superstar collection policy, Galactico. Zidane was a player who dominated the midfield based on his brilliant skills, and dodgeball was the type of person who penetrated the opponent’s side with fast speed and accurate crosses.

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