Jeju Dream Tower Casino Resort announced that its total casino revenue

Jeju Dream Tower Casino Resort reached about 15.3 billion won (US$11.8 million) for the three months to June 30. It generated 7 billion won in sales in June alone, which is a month since its opening in June last year. 경마사이트

Nevertheless, the second-quarter GGR fell 17.3 percent to 18.5 billion won sequentially in the first three months of this year, according to the latest data from Lotte Tour Development, the resort’s promoter. Sales in the second quarter across three operating sectors, casino, hotel, and retail, totaled 52.1 billion won, up 27.1% to 41 billion won in the first quarter.

The hotel’s second-quarter sales, including hotel rooms and food and beverage services, amounted to about 34 billion won, up 23.6% from the first quarter (27.5 billion won). Hotel room sales were 22.4 billion won and food and beverage sales were 11.6 billion won in the second quarter. Sales in the retail sector in the second quarter were about 2.8 billion won, up 133.3% from 1.2 billion won in March this year.

In a statement Thursday, the company said it raised its third-quarter consolidated revenue forecast to 90 billion won, a nearly 73.0% increase from the second quarter if achieved. The company estimated the casino GGR for the third quarter at 36 billion won. If Jeju Dream Tower reaches its target, it will increase by 135.3% compared to the second quarter. Plans for visa-free entry to Jeju Island for certain passport holders, including China, resumed on June 1 after being suspended for more than two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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