“Japan is Another Level” Japanese legend Honda was right…World-class Close Beyond Asia

Keisuke Honda, a “living legend” of Japanese soccer, expressed his delight on social networking services (SNS) in September. After Japan beat Germany, “(Japan) beat Germany again following the 2022 Qatar World Cup. It is just splendid. Now, I think the Japanese national team has reached the next level,” he wrote. He was right. Japanese soccer is on a roll showing off its “post-Asian level” power.

Japan won a great victory in the return match against Germany on September 10 (Korea time). Following the 2-1 victory in the first round of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup group stage (Group E) in December last year, the team made another victory. He surprised soccer fans around the world by winning 4-1 in Germany. We didn’t win by luck. He faced Germany on par with a detailed pass game, and he cheered by sinking the Chariot Corps with a quick counterattack at the end of the second half. 온라인카지노

It didn’t stop there. Two days later, they faced another strong European team, Turkiye, in Belgium. Just like the game against Germany, the team won 4-2 with a well-organized attack. Once again, he scored heavily against a quality team in Europe. He made good use of Japan’s unique style and marked his fourth consecutive win.

On the 13th, he succeeded in avenging Canada, a “North and Central American powerhouse,” in Japan. He neatly paid back the 1-2 defeat he suffered in the last warm-up match ahead of the Qatar World Cup in November last year. This time, he exploded his offensive power again. With the players’ even performance, they scored four goals and won 4-1.

the last five consecutive wins. He scored 22 points and allowed five runs in five games. Both offense and defense showed stability and showed off their ‘de-Asian-class’ power. Due to the large number of players, they have caught world-class teams by investing various resources evenly. There are few ups and downs in performance, and no matter what opponent you meet, you pursue your own style and win consecutive games, making it meaningful. As Honda said, it may really have reached the next level beyond Asia. Japan will try to win six consecutive A matches against Tunisia, which lost 0-4 to Korea.

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